Zika Unlikely To Be Even worse For Individuals Who Have Suffered From Dengue: Research study

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Tests have actually revealed that individuals who have actually experienced dengue fever will not end up being more significantly ill due to the Zika infection than individuals who have actually never ever struggled with Dengue.

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Scientists utilized blood samples of 65 individuals contaminated throughout the Zika break out in 2016 (Representational).
Scientists utilized blood samples of 65 individuals contaminated throughout the Zika break out in 2016 (Representational).

WASHINGTON: People who are contaminated by Zika infection after having dengue fever do not appear to end up being more badly ill than those who have actually never ever had dengue, a research study recommends.

” Our outcomes reveal this irritation does not happen, or happens just extremely seldom and cannot be identified by a research study such as this,” stated Mauricio Lacerda Nogueira, Professor at the Sao Jose do Rio Preto Medical School (FAMERP) in Brazil.

Scientist studied 65 individuals who reside in and around Sao Jose do Rio Preto, where dengue is endemic and there was an especially fast break out of Zika throughout the 2016 epidemic.

Throughout the duration when the Zika epidemic was at its most extreme, in between January and July 2016, scientists gathered blood samples from 65 individuals who provided with fever and signs of dengue or Zika at the emergency situation system of the referral healthcare facility.

Analysis of the viral hereditary product discovered in these blood samples revealed 45 clients had actually been contaminated by Zika and 20 by dengue.

The tests likewise revealed 78 percent of those with Zika (35 individuals) and 70 percent of those with dengue had actually been contaminated formerly by dengue infection.

Soon after the Zika epidemic emerged, it started to be thought that previous infection by dengue might cause more serious medical symptoms of Zika, just like those of dengue hemorrhagic fever, such as bleeding under the skin, a big reduction in high blood pressure.

About 90 percent of clients with dengue hemorrhagic fever have actually formerly had dengue and are contaminated by a various subtype (there are 4 subtypes of dengue infection), scientists stated.

The group determined the varieties of Zika infection copies in the blood of clients formerly contaminated by dengue and compared them with the numbers discovered in the blood of clients who had actually never ever been exposed to dengue.

If previous dengue infection assisted in the reproduction of Zika, the number must be much greater in the previous group, however the scientists discovered both groups had comparable viral loads, scientists stated.

The research study was published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.