Wirral MP backs 'Blues Programme' mental health campaign – Wirral Globe Express News

WIRRAL West MP Margaret Greenwood joined health experts for the launch of a campaign to help young people develop good mental and emotional wellbeing.

Action for Children campaign’s launch in Parliament coincided with Children’s Mental Health Week.

According to the charity’s research, a third of 15 to 18-year olds suffer from mental health issues.

Young people in need of support have been taking part in the Blues Programme, which aims to reduce signs of low mood and negative thoughts and promote prevention before problems escalate.

It has recently been introduced to five Wirral schools.

Also at the event were two students from Upton Hall School – Gabby Breen and Emily Philliskirk – who have benefited from the Blues Programme.

Margaret Greenwood said: “It was a real pleasure to attend the launch event of this important campaign.

“I enjoyed meeting Gabby and Emily from Upton Hall School and hearing about their experience of the Blues Programme.

“Acting early can help stop problems in their tracks and it’s vital we do everything we can to help young people.

“I would encourage young people across Wirral to look out for their own well-being and to seek support early if they are struggling.”

Julie Bentley, chief executive of Action for Children, said: “Just like our physical health, our emotional wellbeing needs care and attention.

“And the first step in doing this is to create a positive conversation about mental health.

“Every day we support children and teenagers who are struggling for a number of reasons.

“Some are concerned about their futures, many are dealing with the intense pressure of school work and others are experiencing problems at home, all while navigating a complex world with contact stimulation from social media.”

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