Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Day With a Cup of Tea

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Sarika Rana | Updated: April 21, 2017 08:22 IST

Why You Shouldn't Start Your Day With a Cup of Tea
Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Day With a Cup of Tea


  • It is not by any stretch of the imagination a smart thought to kick begin your morning with tea
  • Never begin your day with caffeine – be it espresso or tea
  • We ought to cosume soluble overwhelming beverages in the morning

Drinking bed tea, before anything else, is a typical practice in most Indian families. A large portion of us are impulsive tea consumers and love to begin our day with a steaming container. Not exclusively does tea make a great refreshment to appreciate with a gathering of companions, fill in as an appreciated toast visitors or go with us when we need to be left with our contemplations, however it additionally offers a few medical advantages like the cancer prevention agents in dark tea or the catechins that can support your resistance and your digestion.

In any case, is it truly a smart thought to kick begin your morning with tea? Bring notes!Starting you day with tea may not be in the same class as you may have thought. The ‘bed tea’ culture can influence your wellbeing in more courses than one. VIP Nutritionist and Food Guru Pooja Makhija dispels any confusion air, “Never begin your day with caffeine – be it espresso or tea. Caffeine ought not be the primary thing that you give your body on a void stomach. You have to fix your stomach with a few solids before you take caffeine else it might trigger the stomach acids and wreck destruction with your absorption as the day progressed. Get that glass of new squeeze or far and away superior a bowl of natural products or just taste some warm water to kick-begin your framework.” Keeping her recommendation as a primary concern, we’ve gathered together five reasons why it is best to maintain a strategic distance from tea as the principal thing you have in the morning.

1. Upsets your metabolic action

Drinking tea ideal in the morning may disturb your metabolic framework because of irregularity of acidic and antacid substances in the stomach which can meddle with the normal metabolic movement of the body and keep you agitated as the day progressed.

stomach pain

Bed tea makes an irregularity amongst acidic and antacid substances in the stomach.

2. Gets dried out your body

As indicated by Lokendra Tomar, Weight Loss and Wellness Coach, “Tea is diuretic i n nature which implies that it expels the water from our body. Our body is now got dried out because of eight hours of rest and admission of water or nourishment, tea just adds to that condition of lack of hydration. Over the top lack of hydration will inevitably bring about an awkwardness in minerals prompting muscle issues.”


Tea is diuretic in nature thus causes drying out

3. Disintegrates oral wellbeing

When you devour tea early morning, the microorganisms in your mouth will breakdown the sugar which prompts expanded corrosive levels in the mouth and this can bring about disintegration of the finish in your teeth. It might even bring about gingivitis because of inordinate microbes develop.


Tea can bring about disintegration of veneer on account of the nearness of sugar

4. The caffeine kick hits back

Caffeine is known to give you a moment jolt of energy. In any case, giving your body a solid measurement of caffeine on a vacant stomach may have symptoms that incorporate queasiness, unsteadiness and other obnoxious sensations. It is best to have tea or espresso in the wake of eating something.

masala tea

Caffeine allow on a void stomach is destructive

5. Prompts bloating

Because of the nearness of drain in the tea, many individuals may feel bloated significantly in light of the high lactose content in the drain that can influence your gut when it is void. This can prompt gas and obstruction.

stomach ache

Milk in the tea may bring about bloating

Begin your morning with solid substitutes

As indicated by Lokendra Tomar, we ought to devour antacid beverages in the morning like buttermilk, or tepid water with a squeeze of Himalayan pink salt. You can even begin your day with lime water or methi water to reboot your framework after extended periods of rest. A couple drops of coconut vinegar or apple juice vinegar with water, plain coconut water, crude nectar and aloe vera juice are likewise great alternatives. These beverages are far superior and more beneficial than expending a some tea appropriate in the morning on a vacant stomach. VIP Nutritionist Pooja Makhija proposes that the perfect time to have tea is mid-morning in the wake of having your breakfast. This is the point at which your metabolic movement begins working appropriately and some tea or some other drink may get processed effortlessly.