Watch: Daredevils Leap Off Mountain, Land Inside An Airplane In Crazy Mid-Air Stunt

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The stunt is both thrilling and scary to view

Unique|NDTV Offbeat Desk|Updated: November 29, 2017

Enjoy as daredevils leap off a mountain, ‘fly’ and land inside an aircraft flying over the Alps
Here’s an overwhelming stunt that appears like something from a motion picture: 2 daredevils leap off a mountain, “fly” and land inside an aircraft flying over the Alps. Difficult to think anybody could manage such a spectacular stunt? Fortunate for you, there’s video!

A video published on YouTube by Red Bull reveals France’s Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet start with BASE leaping from the top of Jungfrau mountain, among Europe’s greatest mountains, in the Bernese Alps. The bold duo then slide through the air, utilizing their wingsuits, and chase a little aircraft.

Comes the stunt that’ll leave your heart in your mouth.

One by one, the males move themselves into a Pilatus Porter light airplane in mid-air.

The timing is absolutely nothing if not best.

The daredevils state they invested numerous months training for the stunt, which they describe as “A Door in the Sky.”

“We had to make the aircraft safe so we do not injure ourselves if we touch it. We likewise worked on the parachutes so they do not open too quickly in case we touch the airplane. In overall, we flew into the aircraft 20 times.”

“This is among the most badass things I’ve ever seen,” comments a single person.

“Well, that wasn’t precisely a soft landing … quite amazing! Damn great timing for both jumpers and pilot,” remarks another.

“Like something from a James Bond motion picture. Outstanding,” composes a 3rd.

Rather the adrenaline rush!