Watch: Cashier Has The Most Calm Reaction To Being Robbed At Gunpoint

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Updated: April 29, 2017 10:44 IST

Observe how he tranquilly hands over the cash here:


  • Clerk did not freeze, just indifferently given over the cash to looter
  • CCTV video discharged on YouTube has over a million perspectives
  • Occurrence occurred at an eatery in Kansas, US

NEW DELHI:  In the event that a criminal held a weapon to your face, you would presumably freeze, cry in dread or run yet not this person. A clerk at an eatery in Kansas is being discussed his response (or absence of) to a weapon employing burglar.

The clerk at Jimmy Johns eatery in Kansas was doing his work day when a client strolled in. Following a few moments of association, the man took out a gun from his coat. Indicating the weapon at the clerk, he approached him for the cash from the money enlist. However, it’s the clerk’s response that is being talked about the most. Rather than freezing, the clerk just unemotionally given over the cash to the burglar. No whoop dee doo! Furthermore, not only that, the clerk felt free to gave him the whole money enroll which the criminal had no enthusiasm for. It’s likewise significant that the clerk set aside the opportunity to expel his gloves before connecting with the money enroll. How devoted!



The CCTV video was discharged by Kansas police on YouTube and has over a million perspectives. The suspect was gotten and is in police authority.

In any case, remarks were for the most part focussed on the representative’s response to the gunpoint theft.

“What a decent representative! Still recalled to remove his gloves before dealing with cash!” said a YouTuber.

“On the off chance that you open a lexicon and discover a word “Imperturbable” – you’ll see a pic of this clerk before it,” said another.

“That white fella has been looted a few times before lol, He resembles ‘yea i heard you, I’m getting it’,” composed client First Last.

“Haha the minute he took a stab at giving the entire drawer to the criminal. He just took the note and left,” composed Dzo Jung.

Many even brought up that the firearm was most likely stuck and the thief represented no risk by any means.

Watch: Cashier Has The Most Calm Reaction To Being Robbed At Gunpoint