Watch: 1,000 Feet Above A Choppy Sea, Sharp Rocks, This Man Walks On Rope

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Unique | Written by Sanya Jain | Updated: April 30, 2017 12:38 IST

The video was taped at Tasmania.


  • Luka Irmler is an expert slackliner
  • This video indicates him rope-strolling starting with one bluff then onto the next
  • The bluffs are 400 meters or 1,300 feet over the ground

NEW DELHI:  In the event that you are frightened of statures, water or smashing on sharp shakes, this video is most likely not for you. For Luka Irmler, in any case, slacklining is an energy, a necessary piece of his life. Slacklining alludes to the game of adjusting and strolling along a length of webbing suspended between two stays. For this situation, the two stays are precipices 400 meters (roughly 1,300 ft) high, isolated by the Pacific Ocean. What’s more, this hair-raising video indicates Mr Irmler strolling on a length of rope to go from one precipice to the next.

Taped at the Cape Pillar on Desolation Island, Tasmania, the video even has Mr Irmler adjusting himself on one leg at a certain point. Also, if the majority of this is not sufficiently awful, shark and whale sightings are regular in the region. Feeling overpowered yet? Watch the full video What do you think about this distinctly hazardous game? Do tell us utilizing the remarks area underneath.