United States strikes Taliban drug laboratories in Afghanistan under brand-new technique

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By Press Trust of India: 20th November 2017

Afghanistan is the world’s leading farmer of the poppy, from which opium and heroin are produced.

KABUL: American airplane have actually targeted drug producing centers in Afghanistan for the very first time under a brand-new method focused on cutting off Taliban financing, the leading U.S. general in the nation stated today.

Gen. John Nicholson stated the raids were performed the other day in the southern Helmand province, as part of the method revealed by President Donald Trump in August. Afghan and American airplane, consisting of B-52 bombers dropping 2,000 pound bombs and F-22 attack aircrafts, participated in the raids.

Nicholson stated the insurgents produce an approximated $200 million a year from poppy growing and opium production.

In a press conference with the Afghan army chief of personnel, Nicholson stated the Taliban were ending up being a criminal company. “They combat so that they can keep making money from narcotics trade and other criminal activities,” he stated. He included that there are 13 significant drug trafficking companies in Afghanistan, which 7 remain in Helmand.

Afghanistan’s opium production has actually almost doubled this year compared with 2016, while locations that are under poppy growing increased by 63 percent, inning accordance with a joint study launched recently by the United Nations and the Afghan federal government.

Production stands at a record level of 9,000 metric loads (9,921 U.S. loads) up until now in 2017, with some 328,000 hectares (810,488 acres) under growing, inning accordance with the study, performed by the Counter-Narcotics Ministry and the U.N.

Office on Drugs and Crime

Afghanistan is the world’s leading farmer of the poppy, from which opium and heroin are produced.

The Taliban forbade poppy growing when they governed the nation in the late 1990s, however have actually given that pertained to depend on it as they wage a progressively powerful revolt versus the federal government and its foreign backers.

The Taliban have actually taken numerous districts throughout the nation and have actually performed a series of significant attacks, generally targeting Afghan security forces, given that U.S. and NATO forces formally moved to an assistance and counterterrorism function at the end of 2014.