UN owes India USD 55 million for peacekeeping operations

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By IANS | Published: 05th May 2017 10:17 AM

UN owes India USD 55 million for peacekeeping operations
UN owes India USD 55 million for peacekeeping operations

UNITED NATIONS: The UN owes India $55 million for its investment in peacekeeping operations, which is more than the yearly compulsory levy paid by New Delhi in 2016 to the world body.

India paid a sum of $34.28 million to UN in 2016, as its commitments towards the world body’s consistent spending plan, the peacekeeping operations and the tribunals as commanded by the General Assembly.

So far in 2017, it has contributed $20.76 million despite the fact that the sum will go up as it pays a greater amount of the portions for the peacekeeping levy as they end up noticeably due.

Yukio Takasu, the Under-Secretary-General for Management, who informed correspondents on the UN’s funds on Wednesday, said that paying India and the other troop contributing countries was one of the “most astounding needs”. He included, “We are bending over backward to facilitate installments.”

The UN repays troop-contributing nations for costs they acquire for sending work force and hardware to the operations. The present rate of repayment for troops is about $1,330 per officer every month.

While Takasu unveiled just the sum at present owed to India for its investment in the peacekeeping operations, the aggregate installments New Delhi got is not openly known.

Reacting to an inquiry by IANS about the aggregate repayments to India for giving troops to peacekeeping operations, an authority in the Peacekeeping Financing Division said the information was “possibly touchy” while the appraisals “are generally open data”.

“Points of interest of installments to a particular part state depend on memoranda of comprehension between the UN and the part states concerned, which are not open,” Jasminka Haznadar McCauley, who heads an area in the division, composed.

India now has 7,768 staff serving in UN peacekeeping operations.

India was one of 39 nations Takasu recorded as having completely paid their normal and peacekeeping commitments for 2017.

Duty India paid to the general UN spending plan was $18.589 million in 2017, and $18.449 million in 2016, Contributions Service Chief Lionel Berridge told IANS. This is an expansion of $140,000.

Also India paid $469,000 in 2017 for UN tribunals.

India’s aggregate commitments to peacekeeping was $15.55 million in 2016 and $8.44 million in 2015, Berridge said.

The aggregate peacekeeping commitment for 2017 will be higher than the $1.69 million paid so far due to contrasts in the bookkeeping time frame, he included.

Clarifying the distinction of $7.11 million between India’s 2015 and 2016 commitments, he said that the yearly commitments by nations are settled for three year time spans as a for each penny of the aggregate UN spending plans and, in this manner, the genuine commitments differ as indicated by the sizes of the financial plans set by the General Assembly for every year.

India’s commitments for 2016 to 2018 are settled at 0.737 for each penny for the customary spending plan and 0.474 for each penny for peacekeeping.

The UN’s peacekeeping spending plan was $6.377 billion in 2015 and rose to $10.631 billion in 2016.

The normal spending rose insignificantly from $2.549 billion in 2016 to $2.578 billion in 2017.

The rate of commitments commanded for part countries depend on a mind boggling equation that considers the ability to pay.

On the off chance that India’s economy continues track to develop in contrast with others, its rate share will go up when the following round of appraisals are made in 2018.

Notwithstanding the commanded duty, India additionally makes willful commitments to different UN programs. Commitments amid the previous year included $250,000 to the decision help program, $500,000 to the Central Emergency Response Fund, $100,000 to Haiti cholera alleviation and $250,000 for the General Assembly President’s office.