Total Text Of Ivanka Trump’s Hyderabad Speech

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” You are commemorating it as the world’s biggest democracy, and one of the fastest growing economies on earth,” stated Ivanka Trump.

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Ivanka Trump attended to an event at Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Ivanka Trump, consultant to the United States President Donald Trump today addresses the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad with consisting of others, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She highlighted the significance of women business owners amongst other concerns.

Here is the full text of Ivanka Trump’s speech in Hyderabad.

Worldwide Entrepreneurship Summit

Remarks by Ms. Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President

November 28, 2017, Hyderabad International Convention Centre
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Thank you, Chief Minister Rao, for that kind intro.

On behalf of the United States, and the 150 other nations represented in this room, thank you for hosting The Global Entrepreneurship Summit here in Hyderabad – a city that is rapidly becoming the innovation hub of India.

And thank you, Prime Minister Modi, for joining us here today – and for all that you are doing to build India as a thriving economy – a beacon of democracy – and a symbol of intend to the world.

Exactly what you are attaining is truly amazing.

From your childhood offering tea to your election as India’s Prime Minister, you’ve proven that transformational modification is possible. And now you are bringing that guarantee to hundreds of countless people throughout your nation. Thank you.

To individuals of India, I desire to congratulate you as you celebrate the 70th anniversary of your Independence.

You are commemorating it as the world’s biggest democracy, and one of the fastest growing economies on earth.

Through your own business, entrepreneurship, and hard work, the individuals of India have raised more than 130 million citizens out of poverty – an amazing enhancement, and one I understand will continue to grow under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

All you are assisting India’s middle class reach its objective of almost 500 million individuals by 2030. You have actually opened brand-new universities across the Country. Your scientists and medical professionals are finding life-saving technologies and medical treatments. Your engineers and designers have actually developed modern wonders that grace your skies. And Indian spacecraft have taken a trip to the Moon and to Mars.

Individuals of India motivate us all.

This is the very first time India has actually hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. It is a symbol of the strengthened friendship in between our two peoples, and the growing financial and security collaboration between our two countries. As President Trump said earlier this year: India has a true buddy in the White House.

I would like to thank the State Department for co-hosting this incredible event. I likewise want to thank Governor Narasimhan and all elected Indian authorities who are here tonight for welcoming us to your beautiful nation.

It’s fantastic to be in this ancient city overflowing with transformative technology – now, your tech centers might even outshine your world-famous Biryani.

CEOs like Microsoft’s Satya Nadella went to school here in Hyderabad. Simply a couple of kilometers away, T-hub’s brand name new facility is set to open next year – and will end up being the largest incubator in Asia.

In this “City of Pearls” the best treasure is YOU – the dreamers, leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who never quit – never ever desert your goals – and constantly pursue a better tomorrow.

Today, we come together to commemorate what is happening here in India, exactly what is taking place in the United States – and all over the world: entrepreneurs are reinventing our economies, and enhancing our societies.

You are rewriting the rules.

You have the inspiration and drive to serve our neighborhoods through the projects you begin and the businesses you develop.

You have the grit – the perseverance – and the WILL to be successful.

Each of you began with a concept. You’ve worked long days and nights to code the next robotic, develop the next app, discover the next remedy, and discover the next advancement to enhance millions of lives.

Some might have aimed to persuade you that the danger is too excellent – and the reward too little.

However you are here today since you are not afraid to stop working. You wish to OWN your future.

So before I go further, I wish to congratulate you on all you have already achieved.

And I especially desire to congratulate the ladies business owners here today.

This year’s Summit is focused on a style that is crucial to our future: WOMEN FIRST, PROSPERITY FOR ALL. I am happy that for the very first time ever, women make up the bulk of the 1500 business owners selected to participate in.

Just when ladies are empowered to thrive; will our households, our economies, and our societies reach their fullest potential.

As a former entrepreneur, company, and executive in a male-dominated industry, I have actually seen firsthand that too frequently, females need to do more than their male equivalents to show themselves at work, while likewise disproportionately looking after their families in the house.

After my father’s election, I saw an opportunity to leave my businesses for the opportunity of serving our country and empowering all Americans – consisting of females – to succeed.

Our administration is advancing policies that allow women to pursue their careers and take care of their families, policies that improve labor force development and skills training, and policies that raise federal government barriers and fuel entrepreneurship so that Americans can turn their dreams into their incredible legacies.

In the last decade, females have made amazing strides in beginning new businesses.

Globally, between 2014 and 2016, entrepreneurship activity amongst women increased by 10 percent.

In the United States, within the last decade, the variety of women-owned companies has grown by 45 percent. A lot more appealing, minority ladies have begun almost 8 in 10 brand-new women-owned organisations.

Today, more than 11 million ladies in the United States own companies. They employ almost 9 million workers, and generate over $1 trillion dollars in profits.

Numerous ladies end up being business owners and task creators out of need – some weren’t provided the flexibility they required at work to look after their families. Others did not have expert sponsors, or they weren’t provided a fair shot at a promotion.

Rather, females, simply like a lot of those here today, are charting their own courses and accomplishing extraordinary feats.

Sustaining the development of women-led organisations isn’t simply great for our society – it’s excellent for our economy. One research study estimates that closing the gender entrepreneurship space world-wide could grow our global GDP by as much as 2 percent.

The females in this space can assist lead the way to closing this gap and ushering in a brand-new age of higher prosperity.

Yet, regardless of the soaring rate of female business owners, ladies still face high obstacles to beginning, owning, and growing their companies.

We should guarantee women entrepreneurs have access to capital, access to mentors and networks, and access to fair laws.

In developing countries, 70 percent of women-owned small and medium-sized services are denied access to capital. The result has been an almost $300 billion dollar annual credit deficit for women business owners in the developing world.

In the United States, a Harvard Business Review report discovered that investors ask men questions about their capacity for gains whereas they ask women concerns about their capacity for loss. This could in part discuss why women entrepreneurs got less than 3 percent of venture capital financing in 2016.

We are working to reverse this trend. The United States Small Business Administration, for example, increased its loaning to women by over $500 million dollars this year alone.

Approximately half of ladies in the United States state they have problem discovering a mentor when it comes to networks and mentorship.

Mentorship is critical to success. Business owners require professional assistance to assist them begin and grow their businesses.

In the United States, we are cultivating mentorship through programs such as SCORE – a nationwide initiative where successful males and females coach those who wish to become their own CEOs.

When it pertains to equitable laws, while numerous industrialized and establishing countries have made remarkable strides, there is still much work to be done.

In some countries, women are not enabled to own residential or commercial property, travel easily, or work without the permission of their hubbies. In even more countries, the cultural and family pressure is so great that women do not feel the freedom to work outside the house.

Our Administration is making every effort to promote higher opportunity for females all over the world, both through our domestic reforms and our global efforts.

This summertime, at the G20 conference, the United States was an establishing member of a strong, brand-new initiative with the World Bank – the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, or WeFi. This facility supplies access to capital, networks, and mentorship for ladies in developing countries.

WeFi is the very first center to support females business owners at this scale, and we anticipate it will be able to utilize in excess of $1 billion dollars in personal and public funding. This center also seeks to attend to the regulatory and legal barriers that restrict opportunities for ladies entrepreneurs.

In the last decade, USAID has actually promoted females entrepreneurship through a number of programs, including supplying micro-finance loans to females in Afghanistan, and bringing Internet access to ladies in Nigeria and Kenya.

USAID Administrator Mark Green is with us here today. I wish to thank him and the entire U.S. delegation for their vigorous work to improve the lives of millions, both locally and abroad.

Further, as you can all testify, this Summit is yet another powerful example of a U.S. effort that links business owners around the globe with investors who believe in your mission and will promote your success.

I wish to thank the United States organisation leaders who have actually taken a trip all the way to Hyderabad for this motivating event. I also wish to praise the more than 350 American entrepreneurs who were chosen to be here with us to represent America’s brightest skill.

In your home, our administration is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs through domestic reforms.

In the past 11 months, we have expanded apprenticeship programs and prioritized STEM education to make sure that ladies – and men – have more opportunities to master the skills that drive development in the 21st century.

We have dramatically minimized job-crushing policies, which disproportionately injured business owners and small company owners.

And we are laser concentrated on passing long over-due tax cuts. This will supply much required relief to working families and businesses of all sizes.

This year, for the very first time ever, the President’s Budget included a proposal to establish an across the country program for paid family leave.

We are committed to supporting women, and males, who work, inside and outside of the house.

It creates an unique multiplier impact when women work. Females are most likely than men to employ other women, and to offer them access to capital, mentorship and networks. Women are also more most likely to reinvest their income back in their neighborhoods and households.

Here in India, I wish to applaud Prime Minister Modi for his company belief that “The development of mankind is incomplete without the empowerment of women.”.

Just consider, if India closes the labor-force gender space by half, your economy could grow by over $150 billion dollars in the next 3 years.

As we begin this three-day Summit, I encourage everybody here today to come together, to gain from each other, and to discover brand-new ways to raise the barriers in our societies so that ladies are complimentary to innovate, empowered to prosper, and able to leave our kids a brighter future.–.

As we pursue modification, we need to always remember that the very best expect our future is far greater than any single federal government policy – the source of our success is discovered in the spirit, the drive, and the talent of our individuals.

Dara spent over a decade working in underserved communities around the world. Today, Dara’s company responds to disasters all over the world and delivers humanitarian aid with innovative innovation.

Through her ingenious solutions, Dara is conserving lives and bringing wish to thousands of neighborhoods. Thank you, Dara. Please stand.
Rajlakshmi Borthakur joins us from Bangalore, India.

When her son began having seizures at a young age, she chose to produce her own solution to better monitor his health. She created a clever glove that forecasts, manages, and detects various diseases and disorders utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Now her company, Terra Blue, aims to make specialized health care accessible in even the most remote locations in India.

Rajlakshmi – your courage and decision is genuinely amazing. Please stand.

Likewise here today with us is Reyhan Camalova from Azerbaijan. Reyhan is 15 years of ages. But that hasn’t stopped her from establishing a company that harvests energy from rainwater.

Reyhan has a powerful slogan – “Light up one house at a time.” Reyhan, each home you illuminate is illuminating the world. We are all influenced by your brilliance and difficult work. Thank you. Please stand.

These ladies represent the vision, aspiration, and grit of every business owner here today.

You are conserving lives, creating jobs, and bringing wish to our communities. You are changing our societies one service, and one client, at a time.

You show to the world that we have the power to increase above the obstacles of our day – to pioneer new paths forward – and to leave our mark on this moment in history.

Just believe just how much better our world will be if ALL OF United States, women and men, are empowered to dream huge, objective high, and collaborate to a more simply and prosperous future. A future where all dads and moms can strive and construct a better life for their families – where all kids and girls can go to school, discover their talents, and pursue their aspirations – and where individuals of all nations can live and work with one another in dignity and peace.

This is the future we can and will develop together.

And this is the promise of the visionaries gathered here today.

Thank you.