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As human beings go, you won’t find a better bunch then the folks living in Brooklyn’s favorite apartment building. 

The montage of everyone taking time to be by Patricia’s side during one of the hardest periods of her life was touching. And The Village Season 1 Episode 4 continues to push the narrative that not only are these people close, they’re all good people as well. 

They should all feel lucky they ended up in the same building. 

A Good Time - The Village Season 1 Episode 4

There was a time jump this week, as we were vaulted some two months into the future. And we seemed to miss some big moments. 

Ava and Ben are now in a full-fledged relationship. As are Nick and Amy. 

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And Katie has made the decision to give her child up for adoption. Or has she? 

It’s always been a bit unclear what Katie’s plan was, as she’s seemed to waver over doing the “right” thing. But her reluctance to find an adoptive family points to the possibility that she really hopes to keep the baby with her.  

Nick & Sarah Talk - The Village Season 1 Episode 4

The thing is, much like Sarah points out, there has to be a game plan. Now this plan will change over time, because things never go exactly the way you want them to go, but she needs to at least get some things in order. 

Sarah: I just need to know what dream to support, Katie.
Katie: I’ll keep you posted.

Katie finds herself in such a tough situation, and all season we’ve rarely seen her let her hair down and just be a teenager. As soon as she met Liam, the sparks were flying, but did anyone else get weird vibes from him? 

This could be a one off storyline, and we could never see Liam again. But if he does stick around, we’ll have to keep an eye on him. 

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Katie won’t be able to hide her pregnancy for much longer, and when it does come out, she’s going to need all the support she can get. And it would be nice if she could be supported by Nick, but he’s got issues of his own. 

Out On The Town - The Village Season 1 Episode 4

Since The Village Season 1 Episode 1, it’s been clear that Nick has been in pain and suffers from his time in the military. He’s been dancing around the idea of getting help for quite some time, but he’s still resistant to the idea. 

It has to be difficult to actually put into words the unspeakable things you’ve witnessed. But for Nick, he’s getting to a place where it’s starting to affect his day to day functioning. 

Sarah was right to push the issue and get Ben to talk to him, if only because it shows Nick that it’s possible to go through hell and come out the other side. It’s possible to still have hope. 

Happy Sarah - The Village Season 1 Episode 4

Nick’s journey thus far has been eye-opening, and the show has done a great job of exploring what life is like for those when they come home from war. It’s a delicate subject, and The Village has taken great care with the subject matter. 

Sarah: I’m overwhelmed.
Patricia: Then maybe it’s time to call in the cavalry. I’m told he lives upstairs.

And who knows what the Sarah/Katie situation is doing to him as well. 

It has to be increasingly harder and harder for Sarah, as she fears not only what will happen once Katie finds out, but also what her place will be in regards to both Nick and her daughter. 

Shots - The Village Season 2 Episode 4

Her night out with Patricia was a nice way to get these two ladies out of the building and show a different side then we normally get to see. Sarah always looks like the world is spinning around her, and for one night she got to kick back a few shots and get her flirt on. 

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Both ladies carry a lot of weight on their shoulders, and it was long overdue for them to take a break. But for Patricia, there are hardly breaks when you’re in the throes of a battle with cancer. 

Her decision to stop chemotherapy will surely have a ripple effect on Ron, and her neighbors. 

Patricia is the heartbeat of that building, and here’s hoping there’s a miracle in her future. 

Unimpressed Sarah - The Village Season 1 Episode 4

Everything Else

  • Ben and Ava are lovely. That’s it. 

  • Ava’s ex, Hamid, is going to continue to be a thorn in her side. Ben lost his cool for sure, but Hamid was goading him. And then to turn it around on Ava as a way to blackmail her into getting more time with Sammy? Despicable.

  • Poor Gabe got dress downed by Sofia every which way! She appears to be on her game though, and she would be a huge asset to Ava’s case. 

  • When Sarah found Nick on the floor at episode’s end, do you think she had taken Patricia’s advice and was going to tell him that it was time to tell Katie?

  • I like Amy, but does it seem like her and Nick are a lot of physical and not much else? 

  • Enzo has to find his mystery lady! It’s not everyday a woman who compliments you in so many ways just plops down at your table and eats a cannoli!

Another week in Brooklyn has come and gone, and it’s time to see how you guys are feeling about things!

What’s next for Nick and Sarah?

Will Enzo find his lady friend?

Let’s talk about it all in the comments! And watch The Village online via TV Fanatic right now so you can join us down below! 

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