The Golden Visa: Rich Indians Are Going For A $500,000 US Visa, As H-1B Norms Tighten

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Prominently known as the Golden Visa – the EB-5 Visa requires a base venture of a large portion of a million dollars, per visa.

Composed by Aditya Kondalamahanty | Last Updated: May 08, 2017 19:49 (IST)

Enthusiasm for the EB-5 visa is ascending among well off Indians
Enthusiasm for the EB-5 visa is ascending among well off Indians


  1. The EB-5 visa prevalently known as the – Golden Visa-does not come shoddy
  2. China secures 85 for each penny of the 10,000 EB-5 visas granted yearly
  3. More and more Indians are running to the EB-5 visa programe

A month ago, a Trump organization official blamed top Indian outsourcers for unreasonably cornering the lion’s share of H-1B visas. With the H-1B laws ready to be fixed, India’s IT majors like Infosys and TCS have searched for approaches to proceed with their operations in the US without sending Indian representatives to client destinations in the US, which is the biggest market for the over $110 billion Indian IT trade industry. However numerous rich Indian are presently utilizing an alternate course to get a US green card for themselves and their families. Known as the EB-5 Investor Visa program, this green card gives a chance to foreigner outside nationals and their close family (youngsters up to the age of 21) to acquire US green cards.

The EB-5 visa – prevalently known as the “Brilliant Visa” does not come modest however. To be qualified for the visa one needs to make an one-time venture of a base $500,000 into another US business that makes at least 10 American employments.

While China presently secures 85 for each penny of the 10,000 EB-5 visas granted each year, because of expanded consciousness of the EB-5 program and the vulnerability encompassing H-1B visas, an ever increasing number of rich Indians are rushing to the brilliant visa programe to get the pined for US Green Card.

Consistently, all things considered, three Indians are joining to spend a large portion of a-million dollars each to have a go at living the American dream, a report said.

As indicated by movement controller US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the EB-5 program made by Congress in 1990 to empower the U.S. economy through employment creation and capital speculation by remote financial specialists. The EB-5 visa program would permit outsiders, who put amongst $500,000 and $1 million in qualified undertakings in the U.S., to apply for changeless occupant status for themselves and their families.

While the EB-5 visa was not prominent at first, however after the 2008 monetary emergency, the program has seen monstrous enthusiasm from Chinese tycoons.