The 5 Principles to Having a Healthy Lifestyle

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Express News Global Desk/ Published: June 02, 2017

The 5 Principles to Having a Healthy Lifestyle
The 5 Principles to Having a Healthy Lifestyle

Believe it or not, living a healthy life style is . In fact, there are many ways to do it. The only real problem you will have to face is picking the one that suits your need the most. Regardless of the regimen│ fitness program you pick, however, the best health programs out there always follow the same principles.

1. Moderation

Many think that the secret of success in becoming healthy is the avoidance of certain types of food│removal of unhealthy food. This is not exactly the case as a single fatty cheeseburger is not going to increase your chances of getting heart attack overnight. However, the best diets will not seek to starve you of food, instead, it will to them and the amount you consume. With that in mind, it is okay for you to eat your favorite snack or drink your favorite sports beverage. Just do not make this an everyday activity.


  1. Water

whenever you exercise or simply move about│do your activities in a day, you will be exerting energy which also means you’ll be giving off a lot of heat. You need to rehydrate yourself from time to time which also aids in cooling your body down. The major reason│biggest reason why pure water is superior to any other sports drink is that it does not contain a lot of calories. If you think that water tastes plain, you can add a bit of natural fruit juices to your water bottle to add flavor.


  1. Physical Activity

Being on the move can help you burn fat stores in the body which is one of the goals of living a healthy life style. Aside from work, you also have to find at least an hour every day to work your muscles out either through sports or spending time at the gym. Not only will this help you shape your body, it can help you control your body’s blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and cholesterol.

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  1. Organic Food

Before anything else, you must understand that there is a difference between real fresh food and processed fresh food│fresh food that have undergone artificial processes. Pick the ones that were grown organically; this means that they were not sprayed with pesticides or injected with some formula. It also goes without saying that you should make a habit out of shopping at your local farmer’s market. Here, you will find every vegetable and meat you need with all of their freshness and nutrients intact.

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5. Sleep

This is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspect when it comes to having a healthy life style because a lot of people think that doing more means cutting off on sleep time. The human body should sleep for 8 hours at the least every day in order for it to replenish its spent energy and rebuild damaged muscles. To make this possible, you need your body to be “sleep-ready” an hour before│wind down on activity before your usual sleeping time. This means your body should have calmed before sleeping and you have disconnected yourself from anything that might keep you up at night. This includes using your electronics, reading books, and every other activity that requires the brain to be awake│needs the brain to be at its most active.

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