The 10 cities where employees work the longest and commute the farthest Express News

Average hours worked per week: 39.8

Average weeks worked per year: 48.1

Percent of employees who have an hour or more commute: 51 percent

Score on a scale of 0-100: 100

“Some of the most committed workers are clustered in cities that are accessible from the biggest cities, with strong job markets,” SmartAsset’s VP of Financial Education AJ Smith told CNBC Make It.

Smith says that SmartAsset did not focus on whether factors like a concentration of low-wage jobs or high unemployment contributed to residents traveling far for work and spending longer hours there.

“We found that workers in Jersey City, Arlington and Fremont allocate a large chunk of their time to their jobs in terms of commute time. These workers may be commuting to jobs in New York, D.C. and San Francisco.”

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