Survey in the US reveals that Americans favor overseas immigration

Express News Global

Published: February 20, 2017


It may be surprising for many to hear that the electorates in the US have a positive view regarding the immigration to the nation. The latest survey conducted by the non-biased ‘fact tank’ Pew Research Center has revealed that native US citizens are more approving of the immigration to the nation than they were perhaps decades earlier. The survey also found that the Americans are similarly worried about the unfair treatment meted out to the Muslims. A significant percentage of the participants in the survey also favored that the US keeps it engaged with the remaining world.

The findings of the research are in stark contrast with the tough immigration stand taken by US President Donald Trump who is advocating the approach of Americans first to the rest of the world. The research has collated data based on responses given by 1, 502 respondents across the US, as quoted by the Work permit.

The report published by Pew Center gives attention to perception amidst the US public regarding the transition of power to Trump. It provides wonderful insight into the manner in which the American people perceive diverse decisions taken by trump that include the cabinet appointments made by Trump, his several concerns on the issue of conflict of interest, views on Obamacare and much more.

The chief findings of the survey conducted by Pew Center reveal that around seven Americans out of ten consider that overseas immigration is beneficial to the US as the immigrants strengthen the US as a result of their talents and hard work. A mere 27 % of the survey participants were of the view that immigration was resting in burdening the US.

The 27% participants of the survey who were of the view that immigration was straining the US considered so as they believed that immigrants were taking away jobs from the Americans and burdened healthcare and housing in the US.

The survey has revealed that the differences within the Republican Party on the issue of immigration could be attributed to generation differences. While younger members of the Republican Party consider immigration to be favorable to the US as a nation, those above 50 years of age considered immigration to be a burden.

In the meantime, the majority of the participants of the survey were also supportive of the Muslims. A crucial majority of the participants, almost 57% of them thought that Muslims were much discriminated against in the US.

The majority of the Americans are also of the view that the US has a very dynamic role to play with other nations in the world. In contradicting the majority public opinion, Trump is hesitant to involve the US in additional military and political alliances overseas and wants to concentrate the resources within the US.

Around 57% of the survey participants were also of the view that the US non-intervention would have further deteriorated the diverse issues faced by the world. However, around 30% of the respondents disagree with this opinion.

The survey conducted by Pew Center is in congruence with a similar survey that was carried out by the non-partisan and independent association that is concerned with international issues – Chicago Council. Both the surveys point out to the fact indicated by Hillary Clinton when she lost the US presidential elections in spite of the huge lead in the popular votes over Trump that US today is in an oddly confusing state.

In some of the nations that have adopted the tough immigration policies such as the Poland and Hungary, the population of these nations is in agreement with the decision of the Government. On the other hand majority of the Americans don’t appear to be sharing the same values represented by their President on the issue of overseas immigration.