Sheik Hamdan presents Dubai Font, Microsoft’s first textual style made and named after a city

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Published: April 30, 2017

Sheik Hamdan presents Dubai Font, Microsoft's first textual style made and named after a city
Sheik Hamdan presents Dubai Font, Microsoft’s first textual style made and named after a city

Dubai: Sheik Hamdan container Mohammed receptacle Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, has propelled the Dubai Font, Microsoft’s first textual style to be made by a city and named after it, in accordance with the UAE’s vision to wind up plainly a provincial and worldwide pioneer in advancement.

On this event, Sheik Hamdan formally coordinated government organizations in the Emirate of Dubai to receive the textual style in government correspondences, saying, “The dispatch of the Dubai Font to the world is a vital stride for us as a major aspect of our ceaseless endeavors to be positioned first in the computerized world. We are certain this new textual style and its exceptional details will demonstrate prevalent among different text styles utilized on the web and in brilliant innovations over the world. Along these lines, we ask all administration elements to utilize the Dubai Font in their official correspondence, which is a positive move that will help the emirate’s intensity in keen innovation. This ought to be a dedication from the Dubai Government to ensure the dispersal and accomplishment of this activity on a nearby and worldwide level.”

Sheik Hamdan was acquainted with the subtle elements of the Dubai Font, which separates it from numerous different textual styles accessible. He commended its fastidious plan that “joins the validness of the past and the yearnings without bounds, crossing all outskirts and obstructions to give each individual, wherever they might be, the way to convey what needs be”.

His Highness said,”I have by and by supervised every one of the phases of the improvement of this text style, from the main plan portrayals to the execution stage. I praise the venture group and everybody who added to the accomplishment of this remarkable activity.”

The Dubai Font was planned by Dr. Nadine Chahine as a team with a group from worldwide organization, Monotype. It was produced as a textual style with one of a kind determinations that plans to empower self-expression and perusing. Made starting with no outside help, the Dubai Font fills an outline crevice amongst Arabic and Latin messages and shows agreeable typefaces consolidating the two scripts consistently.

The outline of the text style, which incorporates 23 dialects, catches the remarkable way of the Emirate of Dubai, reflecting the city’s qualities and advances its worldwide standing.