Sebi Tighten Norms For Participatory Notes Underlying Assets Are Derivatives

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updated:July 08,2017 16:30 IST


New Delhi: Continuing to fix standards for participatory notes, markets controller Sebi turned out with rules for issuance of such instruments where the fundamental resources are subsidiaries.

“The ODI issuing FPIs should not be permitted to issue ODIs with subsidiary as basic, except for those subordinate positions that are taken by the ODI-issuing FPI for supporting the value shares held by it, on a balanced premise,” Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) said in around.

The controller has likewise cleared up on existing ODIs (Offshore Derivative Instruments), otherwise called participatory notes, where the fundamental resources are subsidiaries.

In such cases, where the hidden subordinates position are not for reason for supporting the value shares, the issuing FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investor) needs to sell such ODIs most recent by the date of development or by December 31, 2020, whichever is prior.

Sebi likewise prompted ODI-issuing FPIs to sell such ODI instruments before the timetable.

On account of issuance of crisp ODIs with subsidiaries as fundamental, Sebi said a declaration must be issued by the consistence officer (or comparable) of the ODI-issuing FPI.

It ought to be ensured that the subsidiaries position, on which the ODI is being issued, is just to hedge the value shares held by it, on a balanced premise.

“The said testament might be submitted alongside the month to month ODI reports,” the controller included.

According to Sebi, the expression “supporting of value shares” implies taking a balanced position in just those subsidiaries which have an indistinguishable hidden from the value share.

A month ago, Sebi fixed P-Note standards by requiring a charge of $1,000 on each instrument and banned their issuance for theoretical purposes to check any abuse for channelizing dark cash.

In the meantime, the controller additionally chosen to unwind the passage standards for remote portfolio financial specialists willing to put specifically in Indian markets instead of through participatory notes.