Operations resume at Cochin International Airport: Official

Water level is increasing constantly outdoors airport properties

Express News Desk|Updated: August 09, 2018

 Kochi: Flight operations have actually resumed at the Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) on Thursday after arrivals were stopped for a short duration on Thursday. A representative from the Kochi airport validated that services have actually resumed by 3:15 pm on Thursday. It has actually been found out that travelers had actually voiced their demonstrations following the stopping of services at Kochi airport.

The airport authorities stated there was no factor for panic and the suspension of operations was just a ‘preventive’ procedure. CIAL opened a control space for guests (0484-3053500).

Water level is increasing continually outside CIAL facilities after one of the shutters of the Idukki dam was raised on Thursday.

The arrivals were stopped momentarily because 1 pm on Thursday after an unique coordination conference was assembled by the CIAL Managing Director based on directions gotten from the District Disaster Management Authority of Ernakulam.

In addition, it was notified that diversionary airfield services to the Kochi airport were stopped till 12 twelve noon on Friday.

Previously in the day, the Kerala federal government opened the shutters of the Cheruthoni dam in Idukki district that caused increase in water-levels in the downstream locations. This remained in addition to the Idamalayar dam shutters being raised early on Thursday early morning, that resulted in localised flooding in the Aluva location of Ernakulam district. Nedumbassery, where CIAL is located, is nearby to Aluva.

In 2013, too, the Kochi airport was shutdown for a couple of days in a comparable circumstance. In case of a shutdown, all arrivals may be directed to airports in Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode.