Oil Tankers, Hong Kong, Germany: Your Friday Briefing Express News

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Good morning,

We’re covering escalating tensions over an attack on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, continuing protests in Hong Kong and Boris Johnson’s chance at becoming Britain’s prime minister.

Today, “The Daily” is in Germany for the end of its five-part series on the rise of nationalism and populism in Europe. We’re giving you a first look at the episode.

Wrapping up her journey around Europe to better understand its rising populist movements, our Berlin bureau chief, Katrin Bennhold, went to Germany.

At an AfD election-watch party, she met with populists who argued that the rise of nationalism and populism across the continent, far from being a threat to democracy, was actually a sign of a healthy, vibrant one.

“But when you give all the power to the majority, you also take protections away from minorities,” she said. She wondered: “At what point, especially given our history in this country, is this a problem?”

One young party supporter said something that she had heard from young people across Europe during her trip.

“We do have a certain history,” the young man said, “but we are not the same people as at that time.”

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