New location for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services opens on North Side

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No longer in Windcrest, USCIS moves to Highway 281, Evans Road

Posted: April 07, 2017

New location for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services opens on North Side
New location for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services opens on North Side

SAN ANTONIO – After 25 years in the city of Windcrest, off Interstate 35 and Loop 410, the nearby U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office has moved to the far North Side in a retail focus along Highway 281 and Evans Road.

Mario Ortiz, USCIS region executive, said the San Antonio field office serves 78 districts, with half of its workload originating from the Austin range.


He said the site picked by the General Services Administration was “by and large where we should have been.”

Ortiz said USCIS is utilizing web-based social networking and working with group based associations to help get the message out about the new area. All things being equal, a portion of the general population the organization serves said they didn’t know the office had moved.

Beatrice Villegas said she began her day in Windcrest.

“We were utilized to quite recently going over yonder. Presently, out of the blue, we need to come the distance here,” Villegas said.

Elsa Rodriguez, who needed to drive crosswise over town, said the move is exceptionally badly designed.

Rodriguez said there was a considerable measure of development en route from her home close Lackland Air Force Base and much more is gotten ready for Highway 281.

For the individuals who must depend on open transportation, the nearest transport stops are around 2 miles away at the Walmart close to the edge of Highway 281 and Loop 1604. Be that as it may, there are transports that drop by like clockwork, contingent upon movement, to take individuals forward and backward.

Regardless of what’s currently required in arriving, Rodriguez said the administration at the new area appears to have made strides.

“It’s quick, exceptionally sorted out, extremely obliging and amicable,” she said.

There’s additionally a lot of stopping at the new bigger, incorporated office.

Ortiz said it’s critical for settlers taking a shot at their legitimate status and others to realize that the workplace no longer imparts a working to law authorization, with the U.S. Division of Homeland Security, as it did at its Windcrest area.

The new office even has an extensive space for citizenship services.

“Presently we can lead our naturalization services on a standard premise, expanding the productivity and the process duration that it takes for somebody to end up noticeably an American national,” Ortiz said.

Individuals will guarantee of citizenship in a room devoted to Marine Sgt. Cesar Ruiz, who was slaughtered in real life in 2009 in Afghanistan.

“He was a lasting inhabitant of the United States. On the day he was killed, he naturally turned into an American national,” Ortiz said.

The fallen Marine’s dowager and family were visitors of respect at Thursday’s fabulous opening of the USCIS field office.