‘Mr. President, we are not fake news’: American media hits back at Trump

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By ANI | Published: 30th April 2017 04:16 PM

'Mr. President, we are not fake news': American media hits back at Trump
‘Mr. President, we are not fake news’: American media hits back at Trump

NEW YORK: Speaking at the journalist’s supper, from which Donald Trump was feeling the loss of, the White House Correspondents’ Association hit back at the United States President for his relentless and reliable assault on the media and sent him an unmistakable message-‘we are not fake news’.

Trump turned into the principal US President in decades to avoid the yearly occasion between the White House and the journalists who cover the administration.

“We can’t overlook the talk that has been utilized by the president about our identity and what we do. We are not fake news. We are not coming up short news associations. Furthermore, we are not the adversary of the American individuals.” affiliation president Jeff Mason told an assembly hall of writers who gave an overwhelming applause at his last sentence.

Exhibit at the occasion, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of Watergate notoriety attested that great news coverage is more vital to a free society than any other time in recent memory in an atmosphere of expanding threatening vibe between the White House and the press.

The discourses from the worshiped columnists went ahead the event of the principal White House journalists’ supper since 1981 in which the sitting president did not go to.

Bernstein expressed that Nixon had focused on the media trying to redirect consideration from his own particular offenses.

“Richard Nixon attempted to make the lead of the press progressively the issue in Watergate rather than the direct of the President and his men. We attempted to maintain a strategic distance from the clamor and let the revealing talk,” he said.

Woodward coordinated his message straightforwardly to the truant Trump and stated, “Mr. President, the media is not fake news. How about we forget about that as we continue. Whatever the atmosphere, regardless of whether the media is respected or berated, we ought to and should continue, and I trust we will. Any unwinding by the press will be to a great degree exorbitant to majority rules system.”

Trump turned into the main U.S. President to skirt the occasion, as he tended to a swarm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and derided the White House Correspondents’ Dinner saying, “there’s another huge social affair occurring this evening in Washington D.C. Did you find out about it? A huge gathering of Hollywood performing artists and Washington media are supporting each other in a lodging dance floor in our country’s capital right at this point.”

Previous U.S. president Barack Obama was a well known decision at past meals as he figured out how to have a solid connection with the press, charitably tolerating their spikes and jokes and giving it back in equivalent measure with his trademark witty way.

Be that as it may, Trump broke from custom and picked to hold a rally rather to stamp the fulfillment of his initial 100 days.

“I couldn’t be more excited than to be a thousand miles far from [the] Washington overwhelm, going through my night with you – an a whole lot bigger group and better individuals.” Trump included.