Moms and dads might face fines, prison under upstate anti-bullying law

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Parenting| Updated: October 13, 2017

Moms and dads might face fines, prison under upstate anti-bullying law

NORTH TONAWANDA -Moms and dads of bullies in an upstate town might deal with prison time under a brand-new law that holds moms and dads accountable for their children’s behaviour.

The law entered into impact Oct. 1 in North Tonawanda, simply north of Buffalo.

It requires $250 fines and as much as 15 days in prison for the moms and dads if their kid breaks any city law two times in a 90-day duration, consisting of bullying laws.

North Tonawanda authorities state the law is tailored towards minors who consistently bully other kids in public locations. The law follows 4 teenagers were apparently tossed out of North Tonawanda Intermediate school for supposed bullying.

On Long Island, even some moms and dads of bullying victims are questioning the law.

Hunter Seyfried is a 9-year-old who states he’s been bullied at his West Islip grade school.

” Kids will not let other kids have fun with me at recess, and for that reason I would simply have a small little area,” he states. “I would being in caged, simply enjoying and sitting everyone play, and nobody would let me have fun with them.”

Regardless of the bullying, his dad Eric Seyfried states he disagrees with a law that would hold moms and dads liable for that habits.

” I do not believe we can be One Hundred Percent accountable for the actions of our kids, no matter how hard we attempt,” he states.

Other moms and dads state the law is reasonable.

” Have them terrified,” states Kings Park’s Geraldine Briggs.

” If the kids cannot deal with prison time, the moms and dads should,” states Rachel Torchon, of Commack.

Professionals state there might be more associated with really resolving bullying.

” Imprisonment in and of itself might not be the sole response,” states Michael Stoltz, of the Association for Mental Health and Health in Suffolk County. “It will constantly return to, exist resources to assist this kid and this household who is acting out?”

He states he wants to see if the brand-new law makes a distinction upstate prior to choosing if it’s something worth thinking about here.

(New Jersey has actually been a leader in the establishment of a strong statutory, regulative, policy and program structure to support the avoidance, removal and reporting of HIB (Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying) in schools. Offered listed below are details and resources to assist schools in the establishment of HIB policies, the adoption of HIB program techniques, the execution of proactive actions to HIB and the adoption of efficient HIB reporting treatments.)

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