Many large cities across U.S expo Hostility against the Immigration Ban

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Published: February 15, 2017

The three executive orders indicate that the United States is turning its back on its heritage as an immigrant nation and a safe haven for the world’s persecuted. This stance will harm its moral standing in the world, and limit its ability to influence other nations to collaborate with it on humanitarian and other initiatives. The states that have turned out to be riotous is not against the government but pleading for a reversal that the Congress should resist these orders and deny funding to implement them.

The restrictions on the seven Muslim-majority countries and new limits on refugees have won the support of many Americans, with 49 percent of respondents. With three states suing over his executive order banning travel into the US.

Trump signed executive orders on border security and interior enforcement. On January 27, he signed an executive order at the Pentagon on refugees and visa holders from designated nations.

Massachusetts, New York and Virginia joined the legal battle against the travel ban, which the White House deems necessary to improve national security. The challenges contend the order violated the US constitution’s guarantees of religious freedom.

San Francisco became the first US city to sue to challenge Trump directive policies toward undocumented immigrants. The legal maneuvers were the latest acts of defiance against executive orders signed by Trump last week that sparked a wave of protests in major US cities, where thousands of people decried the new president’s actions as discriminatory.

The attorneys general have announced that their states were joining similar lawsuits filed in their respective federal courts challenging the ban.Both policies are in line with campaign promises vowing to build a wall on the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration and to take hard-line steps to prevent terrorist attacks

in the US. Massachusetts contended the restrictions run afoul of the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment of the US constitution, which prohibits religious preference.

The Unconventional Temporary Ban

The order halting travel by people with passports from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen for 90 days. The order also barred resettlement of refugees for 120 days and indefinitely banned Syrian refugees.

The order discriminates against people because of their religion; it discriminates against people because of their country of origin and the order could limit their ability to attract and retain highly educated workers. Added to the multi-state rebuke multiple foreign nationals have also filed lawsuits challenging the ban.

Travelers move with Haste

* Unaware when the window to the U.S will open

* Travelers are being more cautious about sudden changes.

* Cowardice of deportation

* Depending on lawyers

* The Virtual ban on refugees might be temporary before being amended

* Lastly travelers have left it in the hands of God as well. Faith as a mustard seed.

The temporary immigration order has done irreparable harm to longtime residents, including state university faculty and students who were stranded overseas as a result of the executive order. The order also affects longtime residents’ ability to visit their family, as well as a family trying to visit them stateside. Precisely the ban affects everyone in a sense.

The executive order on refugees, wrapped in national security language, will make the United States less secure. It will give extremist groups a propaganda tool for recruitment; encourage other nations to abdicate their responsibilities to refugees and other vulnerable populations; and will alienate millions of Muslims, both in the United States and abroad.

Only a week old, the order has sparked protests and outcry across the country. The legal community has been grappling with the order, some travelers have been delayed, and others are wondering if they will be allowed previously approved entry into the United States.

The Trump administration says that the executive order is not a ban on Muslims, but rather a measure to restore security to the U.S. In order to protect Americans, the U.S. must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes towards it and its founding principles.

As protests continue drawing thousands of demonstrators all across to protest both the travel ban and Trump’s crack down on sanctuary cities. For people flooding into countries for safety fleeing war prone traps for a better living there can be better ways to filter and issue a gateway. The open door not only would give hope but also a helping hand for all those who wish their women and children to be safe. Amongst life and death, we see people making to live.

In everyone’s heart, there is just one prayer Be Love Be Peace Be Harmony Be Compassionate. A hope that the temporary immigration is reinstated considering the benefit of the lives of all those seeking refuge in a country, where culture language, history, and values are vital and staying united as a nation. Can the same be reflected in the lives of those whom we call neighbors.