Making love more often may make you healthier

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Updated: JULY 10, 2017

Making love more often may make you healthier
Making love more often may make you healthier

From all the health hacks making the rounds, here’s one we wager you can all support: Having sex more regularly can make you a much healthier male, a brand-new research study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine recommends.

In the research study, scientists asked 2,267 individuals concerns about how frequently they made love, then took blood samples to run some tests. They discovered that those who reported making love the least regularly– less than when a month– had considerably greater levels of a chemical called homocysteine than those who made love the most, or a minimum of two times a week.

That’s essential, considering that high levels of the amino acid homocysteine have actually been connected to an increased danger of heart problem, potentially due to harm it causes on your capillary. The chemical appears to promote the development of fatty plaque in your arteries and increase clotting of your blood– both which can put you at danger of a cardiovascular disease.

Surprisingly, the scientists didn’t discover such a link in females. They’re uncertain why, however they think that it might be since sexual stimulation in ladies isn’t really as based on healthy blood circulation as it remains in males, who require it to keep an erection and get.

Now, since this was an observational research study, it cannot definitively show it was the regular sex that triggered a decrease in the homocysteine levels. It might be that men with low homocysteine levels just had less sex due to issues with their erection in the very first location.

While researchers cannot yet show domino effect, there definitely isn’t really a disadvantage to having more sex.