Legislators Cannot Bring Pens Inside Ballot Chamber In Presidential Surveys

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The Election Commission stated legislators will be rather offered a ‘unique marker’ to sign their tally in the governmental election tomorrow

All India|Press Trust of India|Updated: July 16, 2017

The EC stated any tally in the governmental survey signed with an individual pen will be void (File).
The EC stated any tally in the governmental survey signed with an individual pen will be void (File).

NEW DELHI: Parliamentarians and lawmakers who will vote to choose the nation’s next President can not bring their individual pens into the ballot space, the Election Commission or EC stated today. The EC stated the legislators will be rather offered a “unique marker” to sign their tally.

” Before getting in the ballot chamber, a ballot personnel will gather individual pens from the citizens and turn over the unique pen to mark their vote on the tally paper,” an EC representative stated.

The serial-numbered pens are filled with a violet ink authorized by the EC.

” When the member comes out of the ballot chamber, the unique pen will be reclaimed and the ballot personnel will return the individual pen,” the representative stated.

The EC stated utilizing other pen will revoke the vote throughout counting under the Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Rules, 1974.

In the Rajya Sabha surveys for Haryana in June 2016, the votes of 12 lawmakers were stated void on the ground that they were tattooed utilizing incorrect pens. EC then chose to utilize unique pens for electors to mark their votes in the governmental and vice governmental elections.

Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited, which provides enduring ink to the EC, made the pens. Given that it is a secret tally, citizens need to not divulge whom they have actually voted for, the EC stated.

The worth of an MLA’s vote depends on the population of the state he or she represents. The coloured documents will assist returning officers count the votes based on the worth.