Ivanka Influenced Father Donald Trump’s Move To Bomb Syrian Airbase, Says Son

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World | Press Trust of India | Updated: April 11, 2017 22:48 IST

Donald Trump's child Eric said that his dad's turn on Syria was impacted by his sister Ivanka (AFP)
Donald Trump’s child Eric said that his dad’s turn on Syria was impacted by his sister Ivanka (AFP)

LONDON: US President Donald Trump’s choice to bomb a Syrian airbase was affected by the response of his girl Ivanka, who was “grief stricken and insulted” by a nerve gas assault in the Arab nation, as indicated by his child. Trump’s child Eric Trump said his dad was “profoundly influenced” by the TV pictures of youngsters being “splashed around hoses to shield their skin from consuming” after the speculated Syrian compound assault, The Telegraph detailed.

“It was awful. These folks are savages and I’m happy he reacted the way he reacted,” the 33-year-old agent said talking at the Trump Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire, Scotland.

He affirmed that Trump’s choice to bomb Syrian airbase to rebuff President Bashar al-Assad was impacted by the response of his sister Ivanka, who said she was “devastated and insulted” by the barbarity, the paper revealed.

Eric said Ivanka is a mother of three children and she has impact over the President.

“I’m certain she said ‘tune in, this is terrible stuff.’ My dad will act in circumstances such as that,” he was cited as saying by the paper.

Eric rejected cases that his dad had acted incautiously subsequent to seeing the pictures, saying the President was “an awesome scholar, down to earth not imprudent.”

He included: “I’m glad he made that move and trust me he supposes things through.”

“He (Trump) was against doing anything with Syria two years back. At that point a pioneer gasses their own particular individuals, ladies and kids, eventually America is the worldwide pioneer and the world’s superpower needs to approach and act and they did with a ton of support of our partners and I feel that is an awesome thing,” he included.