Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu thinks about closing Al-Jazeera

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By Associated Press|Updated: 14th June 2017

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu thinks about closing Al-Jazeera
Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu thinks about closing Al-Jazeera

JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is thinking about closing down the regional workplaces of Arab satellite broadcaster Al-Jazeera, an authorities stated today, following a crackdown versus Qatar by Sunni nations throughout the area.

Saudi Arabia has actually been leading an effort to separate Qatar, implicating the energy-rich Gulf state, and the Qatari-backed channel, of supporting violent Islamic groups throughout the Middle East.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia have actually closed Al-Jazeera’s regional workplaces, while the channel and its affiliate websites have actually been obstructed in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain.

While Israel is not officially part of that effort, the stepped-up pressure appears to have actually pushed Netanyahu to look into closing down the channel’s regional operations.

Israeli authorities have actually long implicated Al-Jazeera of predisposition versus the Jewish state, and the other day, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman implicated it of promoting incitement and compared its protection to “Nazi Germany-style” propaganda.

The Yediot Ahronot daily reported today that numerous federal government authorities held a very first conference on the problem the other day.

The Israeli authorities validated that conversations were underway however stated no choices had actually been made. The authorities was not licensed to talk about the concern with the media and spoke on condition of privacy. Netanyahu’s workplace decreased remark.

Walid Omary, Al-Jazeera’s regional bureau chief, stated he has actually not been alerted of any official action versus his operation.

He declined the Israeli claims of predisposition and implicated Israel of waging an incitement project.

” This is not the very first time they have actually assaulted us,” he stated. “I hope they will withdraw the danger.”

Shutting the bureau would likely deal with substantial legal challenges and test Israel’s dedication to safeguarding liberty of journalism.

Some essential authorities may likewise oppose the action. While Israel grumbles about Al-Jazeera’s protection, the station is likewise among the couple of Arab media channels that interviews Israeli authorities, providing Israeli leaders an unusual outlet to deal with the Arab public.