Iran says no rocket talks unless West quits its nuclear weapons

Express News

By AFP|Released: 03rd March 2018

TEHRAN: Iran’s militaries representative stated on Saturday that there can be no talks on the nation’s rocket program without the West’s damage of its long-range rockets and nuclear weapons.

” What Americans state from desperation regarding restricting the Islamic republic of Iran’s rocket ability is an unattainable dream, “Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri informed the main IRNA news agency.” The condition for settlements on Iran’s rockets is the damage of America’s and Europe’s long-range rockets and nuclear weapons.”

Jazayeri stated United States criticism of Iran’s rocket program was driven by “their failures and beats in the area.”

United States President Donald Trump has actually threatened to wreck a 2015 nuclear offer in between Iran and world powers unless more is done to suppress Iran’s rocket program.

European federal governments have actually been rushing to calm Trump and keep the offer undamaged, and have actually voiced increasing issue over Iran’s rocket program.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who is because of check out Iran on Monday, stated last month that its rocket program and participation in local disputes had to be resolved if Iran “wishes to go back to the household of countries”.