Intoxicated Actor At Wheels Killed Kolkata Model? Local people Demand Justice

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Five of Sonika’s companions who were at an indistinguishable bars from the couple on the night have addressed Vikram Chatterjee’s cases

Kolkata | Written by Monideepa Banerjie | Updated: May 09, 2017 01:22 IST

Model-actor Sonika Chauhan died in a car crash in Kolkata on April 29 (File)
Model-actor Sonika Chauhan died in a car crash in Kolkata on April 29 (File)

KOLKATA: Ten days after Sonika Chauhan kicked the bucket in a fender bender in Kolkata and two days after the driver of the auto guaranteed he was not inebriated nor speeding, companions and partners of the 27-year-old model-grapple held a candlelight vigil to request equity for her.

The trigger: A press meet on Friday held by Vikram Chatterjee, the performing artist who slammed the auto hours after he got safeguard. “I am hearing numerous things,” he stated, “that I was inebriated, that I was driving at 120 km for each hour. In any case, those are not valid.”

Five of Sonika’s companions who were at an indistinguishable bars from the couple the evening of April 28-29 till just about 2.30 am, recorded police explanations today, addressing Mr Chatterjee’s cases. They didn’t wish to be named however the pushed of their announcements was he was not coming clean.

Not everyone who went to the flame light vigil at the Tollygunge police headquarters, which is dealing with the case and where the battered auto is as yet lying, knew either Ms Chauhan or Mr Chatterjee. They came just to request equity for her. The police have not put forth a solitary expression looking into it till date.

A couple people knew the performing artist. Saurav Das, a performer, stated, “We need Vikram to come clean. It is obvious he had been drinking. And afterward he does a press meet to state he was most certainly not. Gone ahead Vikram. We are with you, pal, yet please come clean.”

Indroneel Mukherjee, a form originator who has worked with Mr Chatterjee, stated, “He is a decent individual yet I was disillusioned when he said he was neither smashed nor speeding. We wanted to begin a crusade, Forgive Vikram for a slip-up, a mischance. In any case, after the press meet, we proved unable.”

At the vigil, BJP official Rupa Ganguly turned up and following a few minutes of quiet, stated, “Why don’t we know the realities yet? Why are the police going moderate working on this issue? Why were priests and imperative individuals with Vikram that day?”

Ms Ganguly was alluding to photos of a senior clergyman in the Mamata Banerjee government, Mr Arup Biswas, racing to the doctor’s facility to ask after Mr Chatterjee hours after the mishap.

Surprisingly since Ms Chauhan’s demise, her mom posted anguished inquiries via web-based networking media as well: “We require answers and we lack any. Why ??? what??? How??,” Mrs Sharon Singh Chauhan composed.

“She (Sonika) took the choice to believe a companion and trust her existence with him in the driver’s seat. Why did it turn out badly… not exclusively did it end her life… in any case, it was plainly neglectful and rash… carelessness making her life be grabbed away. She didn’t merit this.”