Indian Woman Convicted in H1-B Visa Fraud

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Updated: February 15, 2017

Indian Woman Convicted in H1-B Visa Fraud

An Indian-origin woman Human Resource (HR) manager, Hiral Patel has reportedly been convicted of H1-B visa fraud in the US.

Patel, 32, who worked for two outsourcing companies named SCM Data and MMC System based in New Jersey and Virginia respectively, confessed her guilt before the federal Judge in Newark, New Jersey, on Tuesday. She was the third person to have been arrested in connection with the aforementioned two outsourcing companies.

Sowrabh Sharma, 31, the New York-based owner of these two companies, was arrested in September on the charges of duping the authorities with H-1B visa fraud.

In December, Hari Karne from Hyderabad, an immigration manager for an Indian firm was found guilty in the same scheme. He worked for SCM Private Limited in India, which was providing staff to SCM Data and MMC System.

The two companies reportedly recruited student visa holders and recent graduates as consultants and obtained H1-B visas for them which were actually meant for professionals with specialized skills. And, they created records as if the recruits were being paid as full-time employees.