Indian Computer programmers may not get US H-1B visas now: Five points you have to know

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By Online Desk | Published: 03rd April 2017 10:43 PM

Indian Computer programmers may not get US H-1B visas now
Indian Computer programmers may not get US H-1B visas now

Companies trying to contract developers utilizing the H-1B visa should demonstrate the prerequisite is for a particular position, for which high wages should be paid likewise. This takes away the cost preferred standpoint of employing modest from, say India.

PC software engineers in India hoping to make a beeline for the US would locate their long-held dream dashed. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued a strategy update to change the guidelines with respect to American organizations contracting software engineers from outside the nation utilizing H-1B visas.

1)What Changed:The USCIS, in an approach update dated March 31, 2017, has repealed a December 22, 2000 “Direction reminder on H1B PC related positions”. In a significance, it implies companies hoping to support H-1B visas to contract software engineers should now demonstrate that it is a particular position.

2)Visas just for specific positions:Companies should persuade the USCIS that the employments for which H-1B visas are being looked for are intricate and require a pro with expert degrees. Prior a few American companies procured bring down qualified and lower-paid software engineers from nations like India utilizing H-1B visas to cut expenses.

3)Companies lose minimal effort advantage:By making it a particular position, the administration is guaranteeing that high wages are paid for the post. On the off chance that high wages are paid, the companies lose the cost favorable position of procuring non-Americans.

4)Make America Employed Again:This change in run is with regards to the Donald Trump organization’s endeavor at keeping work in American companies as nearby as could be allowed, so Americans don’t miss out occupations to outsiders who can be paid short of what them.

5)Silver lining for H-1B visa competitors: The US has recently started tolerating H-1B visa applications for 2018 from April 3. Consistently 85,000 applications are prepared, with 20,000 of them being saved for those with cutting edge degrees. As the arrangement change has been presented a minute ago, companies could challenge the new control, saying adequate notice was not gave to them.