Indian company Strand Life Sciences launches blood test to detect cancer

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By Reuters | Published: twelfth April 2017 01:03 AM

Indian company Strand Life Sciences launches blood test to detect cancer
Indian company Strand Life Sciences launches blood test to detect cancer

BENGALURU: A little Indian company propelled on Tuesday a blood test to distinguish an extensive variety of cancers at a small amount of the cost of comparative diagnostics accessible in the United States.

Bengaluru-based Strand Life Sciences’ test is intended to unravel hereditary data, which thus will help specialists to match patients with medications well on the way to help with their specific kind of malignancy – an approach that is progressively turning into the medicinal standard.

Strand’s tests will be sold for 20,000 rupees ($310), while comparative innovation in the United States costs more than $3,000.

Typical and malignant cells shed DNA into the blood when they kick the bucket. Strand’s tests catch these DNA pieces to decide the nearness of strong tumor growths.

There are many preferences to this approach. Strong tumor malignancies are normally analyzed utilizing obtrusive tissue biopsies or radioactive sweeps, which can be costly, dangerous and inadequate.

Strand’s tests can discover proof of tumors in spots blocked off to specialists, recognize early indications of disease repeat and help specialists endorse the suitable treatment.

A 125-persistent review demonstrated that Strand’s innovation could distinguish tumor follows in up to 35 percent of cases with early-organize growth and 70-90 percent of cases with cutting edge disease.

No less than 1.5 million Indians are determined to have malignancy every year and around 200,000 will be qualified or potentially can manage the cost of this item, Strand CEO Ramesh Hariharan stated, including that he expects around 1,000 of its tests would be led every month by one year from now.

Specialists are concentrating on building up a blood test used to distinguish early-arrange tumors in individuals without any manifestations of the ailment, something that has pulled in countless dollars in speculation.

Cowen and Co appraises that utilization of DNA blood tests for malignancy screening will surpass $10 billion a year before the decade’s over.

A few organizations around the globe are creating or offering fluid biopsies. Be that as it may, existing innovation in India is not very much approved, and is essentially utilized as a part of patients as of now determined to have a particular kind of malignancy or just to recognize a couple sorts of disease.

Strand, established by two teachers at the Indian Institute of Science, teamed up with the Mazumdar Shaw Center for Translational Research, which is controlled by Biocon Ltd organizer Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, to build up the blood tests.