ICYMI: Ice Cream Supplier Teases Aamir Khan In Viral Video

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Aamir Khan appears to have actually found out an actually enjoyable lesson in persistence in a video that’s been monitored 6 million times on Facebook

Unique|Updated: October 09, 2017

ICYMI: Ice Cream Supplier Teases Aamir Khan In Viral Video

A video just recently published by star Aamir Khan reveals him discovering very first hand that sabar ka phall is meetha or that excellent things come to those who wait. It includes ice cream.

You might have seen those viral videos of ice cream supplier’s fooling their clients while serving them ice cream. This time the client was none aside from the Dangal star. Aamir just recently published a video revealing a Turkish ice cream supplier royally teasing him while serving him ice cream and the video has actually gone completely viral.

The video reveals Aamir needing to wait on nearly a minute prior to he might get his hands on his ice cream. Have a look:.

” Sabar ka phall meetha. Charming Turkish ice cream,” published Aamir on Facebook and twitter on October 7. His video has actually because built up one lakh ‘likes’ and nearly 20,000 retweets on Twitter and over 6.1 million views on Facebook.

Nobody prefers to await ice cream however when the wait is this amusing, nobody would mind.

Social network appears to have actually delighted in Aamir’s video.

” Remarkable to view Mr Perfectionist getting impressed,” states one Facebook user. “That was amusing!” states another.