Here is a timeline of occasions in the Kerala starlet kidnapping case

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By Express News Service|Published: 10th July 2017

Here is a timeline of occasions in the Kerala starlet kidnapping case
Here is a timeline of occasions in the Kerala starlet kidnapping case

KOCHI: Malayalam filmstar Dileep was on Monday jailed in connection with the kidnapping and sexual attack of a popular starlet in Kochi on February 18. The case went through a number of lots of weaves, with counter-allegations and accusations appearing. Here is a timeline of the legend as it unfolded.

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February 18: A popular Malayalam movie starlet is abducted and sexually abused in a moving car on her method from Thrissur to Kochi on February 18.

The star submits a grievance with the Police very same day.

February 19: Martin Antony, who owned the cars and truck, is apprehended. 2 more implicated, Pradeep and Salim, are collared.

Authorities state the operation was prepared by the starlet’s previous chauffeur Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni, and was carried out by his assistant Martin.

February 24: ‘Pulsar’ Suni aka Sunil Kumar detained by Police from inside a court space in Kochi in the middle of terrific drama, where he had actually concerned give up.

Authorities later on detain the 6th implicated in the event Vijeesh.

Pulsar Suni informs the cops his objective was to blackmail the starlet after having actually taped a naked video of hers. He states the smart phone on which the video recording was made was later on tossed into the backwaters of Kochi.

The search operation for the most important proof in the star molestation case, the cellphone utilized to tape-record the sexual attack, nevertheless, enters vain.

April 18: Sixty days after the occurrence, cops group file charge sheet versus 7 individuals, consisting of prime implicated Sunil Kumar aka Pulsar Suni.

June 24– the twist: A letter, dated April 12, supposedly composed by Pulsar Suni from Kakkanad prison to star Dileep, surface areas, bringing the case once again into the spotlight.

A detainee who shared a cell with Pulsar Suni created brand-new discoveries, declaring that he would inform authorities that Dileep was associated with the conspiracy behind the kidnapping and molestation of the starlet in February. Authorities’s unique examination group (SIT) records a fresh declaration of the starlet who was sexually attacked.

June 25– blackmail accusations: The day after Pulsar Suni’s letter was dripped, star Dileep and his buddy and director-actor Nadirsha informed journalism that they were being blackmailed by an individual ‘on behalf of Pulsar Suni’, the prime implicated in the event.

Dileep stated he was blackmailed by an individual who required Rs 1.5 crore and threatened that if the quantity was not paid he would call Dileep as being associated with the sexual attack case.

Dileep and Nadirsha stated that they had actually submitted a problem in this regard on April 20 itself.

Stars Salimkumar and Aju Varghese post on Facebook in assistance of Dileep.

Dileep courts debate by stating that the abducted starlet and Pulsar Suni had actually been good friends, which she needs to have picked her buddies sensibly.

The starlet problems a declaration to the media stating she was thinking about taking legal action versus those who levelled unwarranted accusations versus her.

Dileep later on apologies for his remarks.

June 28: Dileep and Nadirsha are questioned by Police for almost 12 hours. Their declaration is likewise tape-recorded on the basis of the grievance.

The basic body conference of Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) on June 29 extends assistance to Dileep.

July 10: Actor Dileep detained.