From Accenture To Microsoft To IBM, Techies With These Skills Are Being Hired

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While distributed computing advancements remain the most prominent picks for IT workers, business investigation and machine learning aptitudes are additionally sought after by bosses, as per Simplilearn Career Data Labs.

Composed by Aditya Kondalamahanty | Last Updated: April 11, 2017 09:53 (IST)

IT specialists are reskilling to upgrade their employment execution and remain applicable
IT specialists are reskilling to upgrade their employment execution and remain applicable


  • Interest for robotization in dull assignments has developed in IT industry
  • Tech firms are giving careful consideration to updating aptitudes of workers
  • Information investigation, distributed computing and advanced showcasing are popular

As words like ‘cost cuts’ and ‘penny squeezing’ have transformed into sound administration methodology as opposed to one-off occasions in the IT business, the interest for mechanization in tedious

assignments has developed. Indian tech firms are giving careful consideration to overhauling the abilities of their current representatives

to meet customers’ requests for more specific aptitude sets. Specialty specializations which consolidate the utilization of information investigation, distributed computing

what’s more, advanced promoting are sought after. In the quickly transforming IT part India’s tech specialists are adapting new programming dialects, distributed computing and huge information investigation to improve their occupation execution and climb in an organization’s esteem chain.

While distributed computing advancements remain the most famous picks for IT representatives hoping to add to their specialized aptitudes, business investigation and machine learning abilities are additionally sought after by managers, as indicated by Simplilearn Career Data Labs, an internet learning stage. As today’s tech specialists understand that one needs to expand one’s learning base to guarantee future employability, here is a rundown of main ten tech aptitudes that will make any tech laborer emerge and which organizations are enlisting:

Spark: Oracle, Capgemeni, Mphasis, Citi and Tech Mahindra are searching for individuals with capability in Spark – programming which empowers firms to filter through a lot of information put away on the cloud. Engineers prepared in this innovation win a normal pay of 14.6 lakh for every annum.

AWS: Amazon Web Services is the most requested ability in 2017 with organizations like Accenture, IBM, Wipro and Amazon Development Center hoping to enlist AWS authorities. AWS alludes to a suite of distributed computing administrations that make up an on-request registering stage. AWS tech engineers gain around 13.8 lakh for every year on a normal.


DevOps: Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Barclays and Expedia are searching for designers versed in DevOps which is utilized for mechanizing programming methodology. DevOps engineers acquire a normal compensation of 13.7 lakh for each year.

Machine Learning:

Amazon Development Center, Microsoft India R&D, Accenture, IBM, GE India and Harman are a portion of the organizations searching for Machine learning engineers. This tech vertical alludes to a sort of computerized reasoning that furnishes PCs with the capacity to learn without being expressly modified. Programming engineers talented in machine learning gain a normal compensation of 13.7 lakh for each year.

Azure: Microsoft India R&D, Capgemeni, Ernst and Young, Dell and Honeywell are hoping to deal with their Azure distributed computing applications and administrations which keep running on Microsoft-worked server farms. Laborers with learning of Azure gain around 13.1 lakh for each annum on a normal.

Tableau: Ernst and Young, Accenture, Vodafone, Morgan and Stanley are a portion of the organizations contracting masters of this popular business insight programming which helps organizations to envision huge arrangements of information. Normal compensations of Tableau architects are around 13 lakh for each year.

Business Analytics:

IBM, KPMG, Hewlett-Packard, SAP Labs are a portion of the tech majors searching for experts with abilities, innovations and practices to examine past business execution to pick up knowledge and drive business arranging. Business examiners win 12.4 lakh for every annum by and large.

Salesforce: Atos, LinkedIn, Zscaler, Capgemeni and Accenture are looking Salesforce’s distributed computing programming is best known for its client relations administration applications. Normal pay rates of specialists with ability in Salesforce are 11.8 lakh for every annum.

Jira: JP Morgan, Harman, Tech Mahindra, Visa and Citi are searching for experts who can utilize Jira for following bugs and venture administration capacities. Normal compensation of Jira pros is 11.7 lakh for every year.

Selenium: JPMorgan, Mphasis, Tech Mahindra, Oracle and Dell are a portion of the significant tech organizations which require individuals with learning of Selenium. This product is a convenient testing structure for web applications. Engineers with Selenium know-how have normal pay rates 9.9 lakhs for every annum.