Flight Takes Off  In 2018. Lands In 2017

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Thanks to the incident, the passengers would have commemorated New Year’s two times

Offbeat|NDTV Offbeat Desk|Updated: January 02, 2018

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 took off from Auckland on 1st Jan 2018

The remarkable idea of time travel stays the greatest fascination of science-fiction lovers. A time travel-like incident courtesy a flight from New Zealand to Hawaii will provide sci-fi geeks something to discuss for days.

Flight HA446 of Hawaiian Airlines was scheduled to take off on the night of December 31 from Auckland, New Zealand. A ten-minute hold-up in departure indicated the flight lastly took off on 1st January 2018.

Remarkably, when it landed in Honolulu, 8 hours later on, it was still December 31 2017.

It’s not so complex and obviously typical.

It’s no time at all travel however just the existence of the international date line that the flight crossed while flying to its location. Honolulu is 23 hours behind Auckland due to the fact that of the date line. The distinction in dates (and one entire year in this case).

The abnormality was observed by an American reporter which, although rather typical, impressed Twitter.

Thanks to the event, the passengers would have commemorated New Year’s two times.

Flight HA446 wasn’t the only flight that time-travelled from 2018 to 2017. When they showed up in North America, 6 other flights from Taipei took off in 2018 and landed in 2017.