Fitbit's new trackers are cheap and work well, but they're super basic Express News

I’m not sure about the accuracy of the calories data. The first morning I wore it, I put on the device and it said I had burned 456 calories. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch I wore while I worked out and walked a mile to work said I had burned 379 calories.

I left the watch at the office over the weekend and even though it says I walked zero steps Saturday and Sunday, it says I burned about 1,100 calories each day (1,127 on Saturday and 1,131 on Sunday). That’s because it displays the calories you burn just being alive, instead of active, and I find the latter more valuable.

The Versa Lite doesn’t include a GPS, which is disappointing because I like to use a smartwatch to track my runs. Steps don’t perfectly translate into distance. They can be a nice gauge, but people running longer distances will want something more precise.

The Versa Lite felt bulky on my small wrists. It also felt more like a toy than a piece of technology that I want to wear during business meetings, because the silicon band felt thick and stiff. Fitbit does sell other bands, so you can swap it out for a different feel.

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