FAT BUSTER: How Facebook helped me lose 40 pounds

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Updated: April 17, 2017, 04.43 PM IST

FAT BUSTER: How Facebook helped me lose 40 pounds
FAT BUSTER: How Facebook helped me lose 40 pounds

She was near 220 pounds and attempted practically everything that could help her get more fit. From trend eating methodologies to craze exercises, all gave Supriya Pandey everything except for durable outcomes. At last, she got her kick through an online entrance where she was doled out a tutor who helped her battle her weight. She shares her trip from being fat to turning fit with us.

Name: Supriya Pandey

Most noteworthy weight recorded: 216 pound

Weight lost: 40 pound

The defining moment: I weighed 98 kilos and was frantically attempting to get in shape. I attempted numerous things, for example, insane trend eating regimens, yoga and strolling each day, however nothing appeared to work for me. I would shed a couple of kilos just and would soon bounce back to my past weight. I chose that something should be done about my circumstance before a hit a century in my weight. This was the defining moment in my life. This is the point at which a companion enlightened me concerning the Facebook assemble called Squats. It is an online gateway that people groups carry on with a more advantageous life through proposing them legitimate sustenance and exercise. I enlisted with Mentor Pankaj Dhuper who gradually changed my discernment about sustenance and exercise.

I understood that the adjustment in you needs to originate from inside. As of late, I had my birthday and I cut my cake, however I wasn’t enticed to have it. I now consider wellbeing to be a lifestyle and not some prevailing fashion eat less or a power yoga class. I have a greatly improved comprehension of the correct sustenance, wellness, my body and my psyche. These most recent couple of months when I shed pounds were more about solid mental quality as opposed to physical exercise!

My breakfast:

  • 7 AM: 2 glasses of tepid water with lemon took after by turmeric tea
  • 8:30 AM: Eggs (bubbled or cheddar omelet) with green tea

My morning snacks:

11 AM: Almonds

My lunch:

12:30 PM: Brown rice, yogurt, flame broiled chicken and sauteed broccoli/spinach or cabbage

My night snacks:

4 PM: Green tea with eggs

My supper:

7 PM: Grilled fish or paneer with sauteed greens

I enjoy: One thing that I understood amid my weight reduction trip is that once you dispose of undesirable straightforward starches like sugar and maida (universally handy flour) and begin eating clean, you don’t ache for garbage nourishment or pastries. In the event that I do have hunger throbs or am in an inclination to nibble, I want to have green vegetable plate of mixed greens with broccoli, lettuce, feta cheddar and cucumber.

I cherish my frosted green tea and do have no less than 2 glasses of it in a day. It is the best trade for each one of those frosty drink and sugary savor yearnings summer.

My exercise: Over the time, I have taken in the significance of weight and quality preparing for ladies. There is a great deal of shame connected to a lady working out with overwhelming weights, however gradually individuals’ recognitions are evolving.

I concentrate on various muscle bunches every day and exercise 6 days seven days, 45 minutes every day. I concentrate on arms and trunk on day 1, legs and hips on day 2, back and bears on day 3, abs and sides on day 4, quads on day 5 and legs again on day 6. I want to do slant squeeze, bear press and squats.

When I began working out in December, I could just figure out how to do boards for 15 seconds. It gradually expanded to a moment and now I can serenely be in board for right around 2 minutes.

I adore the way that my body has adjusted so well to these progressions. The more I push it, the more grounded it gets. This gives me a feeling of mental and profound amazingness. Working out helps my state of mind and helps me consider nature around me.

Low-calorie formulas I swear by:

Coriander bean stew chicken:


  • 200 gms of boneless chicken (cut into pieces)
  • Group of Fresh coriander takes off
  • 4 green chillies (can be balanced according to taste)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • A little bit of ginger
  • One lemon
  • Salt
  • Olive oil/Butter


1. Coarsely granulate coriander, green chillies, garlic and ginger.

2. Wash and clean chicken, add lemon squeeze and salt to it. Abandon it for 30 minutes.

3. Include marination of naturally ground glue made in step 1 to chicken. Marinate overnight

4. Container flame broil it utilizing olive oil or spread.

5. Serve it with sauteed broccoli and some new plate of mixed greens.

Wellness insider facts I uncovered: The wellness privileged insights I learned amid the trip are the accompanying:

1. Right off the bat, weight and quality preparing does ponders. Pick up muscles to lose fat!

I have decreased my time doing just cardio and have begun focussing on complex exercises which incorporate both quality preparing and cardio to help me get solid and create stamina.

2. Spot decrease is a myth. I invested years focussing on abs or thighs yet now I have discovered that we have to concentrate on all muscle gatherings to gradually lose fat from your objective regions.

How would I remain inspired? Inspiration needs to originate from inside. Unless one decides to bring a change, no impact is sufficiently incredible. Additionally, when I see the scale moving down and my endeavors demonstrating comes about, it helps me make another stride towards solid living. My loved ones compliment me. My kindred rec center individuals are affected by my change and I have possessed the capacity to effectively impact two of my companions to live healthierly. There is nothing more persuading than having the capacity to set cases for others.

Lessons learnt from weight reduction:

1. Clean eating: Having the appropriate measure of protein, great fats, carbs and fiber is basic. Home cooked straightforward suppers ought to be favored over handled sustenance.

2. Working out: Regular practicing and taking a shot at body quality is critical. We ought to challenge our body to do different types of exercises and continue testing our perseverance and stamina.

3. Remain Hydrated: Drink heaps of water for the duration of the day and avoid sugary beverages and juices.