Excusive: U.S. warship cruises near disputed island in South China Sea – U.S. authorities

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By Reuters News|Updated: October 10, 2017

USS Chafee, a US Navy destroyer which operates 100 percent on biofuel, sails about 150 miles (241 km) north of the island of Oahu during the RIMPAC Naval exercises off Hawaii July 18,2012. REUTERS/Hugh Gentry

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Navy destroyer cruised near islands declared by China in the South China Sea on Tuesday, 3 U.S. authorities informed Reuters, even as President Donald Trump’s administration looks for Chinese cooperation in handling North Korea’s rocket and nuclear programs.

The authorities, speaking on condition of privacy, stated the Chafee, a guided-missile destroyer, challenged “extreme maritime claims” near the Paracel Islands, amongst a string of islets, reefs and shoals over which China has territorial conflicts with its next-door neighbors.

Unlike in August, when another U.S. Navy destroyer came within 12 nautical miles of a synthetic island developed by China in the South China Sea, authorities stated the destroyer on Tuesday cruised near to however not within that series of the islands.

Twelve nautical miles mark globally acknowledged territorial limitations. Cruising within that variety is implied to reveal the United States does not acknowledge territorial claims there.

The Pentagon did not comment straight on the operation, however stated the United States performed routine freedom-of-navigation operations and would continue to do so.

Tuesday’s operation was the most recent effort to counter exactly what Washington views as Beijing’s efforts to restrict liberty of navigation in the tactical waters.

Trump’s administration is likewise looking for China’s cooperation to control North Korea,

In current weeks, North Korea has actually released 2 rockets over Japan and performed its 6th nuclear test, all in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions, and might be quick advancing towards its objective of establishing a nuclear-tipped rocket efficient in striking the United States mainland.