New York City Couple Has Pleaded Guilty To Enslaving Two Children From South Korea

Express News Global 

updated: July 20,2017 16:10 IST


NEW YORK: A New York City couple has conceded to subjugating two youngsters from South Korea who were in their care.

Fifty-four-year-old Jeong Taek Lee and his better half, 50-year-old Sook Yeon Park, both conceded to two numbers of work trafficking yesterday. Lee was condemned to five months of probation. Stop was condemned to six months in jail alongside five years of probation.

Prosecutors say, guardians of the two youngsters, a sibling and sister, sent the kin to live with the couple in 2010. Experts say the couple constrained the kids to work at a supermarket, nail salon and eatery while gathering their wages over a six-year time span. Prosecutors say Park physically mishandled the kids also. The youngsters have been brought together with their folks in South Korea.