‘Don’t Ban Anything Just Regulate It’: Kamal Haasan On Jallikattu To NDTV

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  1. Actor Kamal Haasan appeals for calm after violence over Jallikattu
  2. Protests a way for people to ‘vent their discontent’: Haasan
  3. Court rulings reversible if it is for the good of the people: Haasan
  NEW DELHI:  Protests over Jallikattu, the bull-taming sport, were a way for people to “vent their discontent”, actor Kamal Haasan told NDTV today, as he joined a league of celebrities appealing for calm on a day  the demonstrations, hailed for their discipline and order so far, turned violent in Tamil Nadu. A supporter of the traditional contest, a ban on which was nixed by the state assembly today, Mr Haasan also said courts should strive to regulate but not ban things.

“Jallikattu issue is people’s way of venting their discontent. It is like a therapy for decades of corruption they have endured. What people need is therapy and not politics… Hope things calm down after the law comes into force,” he told NDTV today.

The comments come on a day when police firing tear gas clashed with stone-throwing protesters who were demanding the resumption of the sport in which men try to tame rampaging bulls. At least 100 protesters were arrested and 22 police officials were hurt.

“Hope honourable court will understand that they are not infallible. All court judgments are reversible if it is for the good of the people. That is a balance that only great minds can come to a decision on,” Mr Haasan said.

Animal rights activists say Jallikattu is cruel and have urged the government to keep the ban in place. Many in Tamil Nadu say it forms an important part of the Pongal harvest festival.

“More people die of drunken driving but we can’t ban it. We’ll have to regulate it. Don’t ban anything, just regulate it,” Mr Haasan said.

However, to those linking the tradition of Jallikattu to expressions of “Tamil pride”, he said, “Pride is a dangerous emotion to carry. Don’t think people should carry it. I am rationalist.”