Your October Blood Drive is critically important

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By Express News| Updated: September, 28 2017


New York: These last few weeks have been a whirl of extra activity as New York Blood Center (NYBC) has been working to strengthen our local blood supply while also sending blood and platelets to Texas and Florida to help blood centers that were closed in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and now Maria in Puerto Rico.

Our own inventory had been lighter than we would like with O- and O+ at particularly low levels. In the aftermath of these national emergencies, our donors in New York and New Jersey have been turning up to support both the local and national need.  This means that we’ve seen a higher turnout at some drives and we are so thankful to both our donors and September blood drive sponsors.

The national need may not yet be over.  Local crews are still being dispatched to Florida and Texas and the Caribbean islands.  As you plan for your October blood drive, we thank you for your support and ask that you please do everything you can to spread the word about the need for blood at this time.  Our national communities really come together in times of need and we need this spirit to continue in the upcoming weeks.   You can help share this message by personally asking each member of your organization to give blood, sending an extra text or email to remind donors of your blood drive, creating a Facebook event, or trying a fun theme like our Football Mania, every little bit helps to ensure the success of your drive. And your successful drive means NYBC can provide enough blood for hospital patients in our area and send blood to Texas or Florida when requested.

October is a special month as we remember those who have been touched by breast and other cancers.  It is a great month to host a blood drive and remind people how often blood saves lives. Look for pink co-wrap at your blood drive in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Good luck with your upcoming blood drive!  If you need new ideas for your donor communications, please reach out to your Account Manager or to me personally.  As always, we are all here to support you.  Please remember that your valuable work as a blood drive chair enriches the lives of local patients each and every day.  Thank you all you do to inspire others to give blood.

Marie Forestall

Director Donor Recruitment

New Jersey Blood Services-division of New York Blood Center

167 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08903

Tel: 732-220-7184