Donald Trump’s Saudi Visit Shows He Wants Strong Ties With Muslims

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World | Press Trust of India | Updated: May 06, 2017 11:56 IST

Donald Trump's Saudi Visit Shows He Wants Strong Ties With Muslims
Donald Trump’s Saudi Visit Shows He Wants Strong Ties With Muslims

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump’s choice to make Saudi Arabia the principal stop for his lady abroad outing demonstrates the US President’s powerful urge to construct vigorous ties with the Islamic world and work with Muslim pioneers to annihilation radical psychological militants, a top Trump supporter has said.

Sajid Tarar, a Pakistani-American Trump supporter, said Trump’s choice to visit Saudi Arabia mirrored that he was not against Islam, but rather psychological oppressors.

“It is an immense thing that he’s beginning his initially trip from Saudi Arabia. It mirrors his will (to enhance association with the Muslim world),” Tarar, organizer of the Muslim Americans for Trump, told PTI.

Tarar was one of only a handful few chose religious pioneers welcomed by the White House on Thursday for the President’s National Prayers Day address in the Rose Garden wherein he reported to make Saudi Arabia his first goal of his lady abroad outing.

“It is an exceptionally positive sign that he’s beginning from Saudi Arabia, then going to Israel. Along these lines, this mirrors his will and his assurance to battle ISIS, to change the Middle East,” Tarar stated, taking note of that amid his crusade, Trump more than once said that he needed to realize where the contempt is originating from.

Tarar regretted that pioneers of the Muslim world were not assuming an exceptionally positive part in this battle against radical Islamic psychological oppression.

“No, so far they are most certainly not. In any case, in the meantime, what is happening in universal field at this moment is the issue with Yemen; is issue with Iran,” he stated, including that they are the two persistent dangers to Saudi Arabia.

Tarar, who was one of the first and among the couple of Muslim Americans to have bolstered Trump amid his race battle, declared that the US President’s choice to visit Saudi Arabia mirrored that he was not bigot against Islam.

“He’s against fear mongers. Amid his battle, he was persistently telling that he’s not against the religion. He’s against the psychological oppression. He’s against the psychological militants, which in most recent eight years, the past organization was reluctant to acknowledge that radicals are a risk. They were disregarding it,” he affirmed.

“They (the past organization) were pushing under the mat,” Tarar charged Trump will visit Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia in his first remote excursion as president this month.

He will end his outing in Brussels with a visit to NATO on May 25, trailed by a meeting at the G7 summit in Sicily.