Donald Trump Reiterates Promise on Job Creation In First Media Interaction


US President Elect Donald Trump addresses the media — his first since election.
New York:  In his first meeting with the press since his election US President-elect Donald Trump outlined his plans to boost America with the creation of jobs, claiming he will be the “biggest jobs producer that God has ever created”.

“There is a great spirit going on right now. Something many have said they have never seen before. We are going to be the biggest producer of jobs that God has created,”  Mr Trump said. “We had so many incredible people coming here. They are going to do tremendous things. And we are very excited.”

“I think a lot of industries will be coming back,” Mr Trump said. “Drugs industries have been leaving, have to get them back… Pharma has a lot of lobbyists and power… I hope the General Motors would be following…”

Talking about a possible conflict of interest, the billionaire politician said he did not have a “conflict of interest provision” for presidents.  “I could actually run my business and the government at the same time. It doesn’t look nice but I could if I wanted to,” he said.

 He said he was turning over the business to his two sons, Don and Eric. “They are not going to discuss it with me.”

Regarding the contentious issue of his tax returns, which had been one of the key planks of the Democrats, Mr Trump reiterated that he would not file his tax returns.

“You will learn very little from tax returns… Now they realise my company is bigger and more powerful,” he said, adding, “I don’t think people cared at all. Maybe you care, but they don’t.”