Dog assaulting 7-year-old in Texas captured on video

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By AP/YouTube|Updated: July 18, 2017

TEXAS: A 7-year-old young boy was bitten by a canine in his Central Texas area in an attack captured on house security video.

Manor cops inform KXAN tv station the pet’s owner will be getting city regulation citations for having an unregistered canine, an unprovoked attack, no evidence of rabies vaccination and having an animal at big. That totals up to $400 in fines.

Brison Aldridge had bites on his thighs and back after being bitten Monday. He was required to a medical facility and launched.

His mom states it was “frightening” to speak with a next-door neighbor’s kid that her boy was being assaulted. Shauna Aldridge states, “I simply removed going to go see and the next-door neighbors had actually currently actioned in and assisted.”

Cops state the pet dog’s owner accepted give up the animal.