Child prevents being struck by Huge truck by simply millimeters in heart stopping video footage

Express News

The child ignored that a hugr, red truck was coming to him as he attempted to cross the roadway in Norway

By Express News Desk|Updated: November 12, 2017

Heart-stopping video reveals the minute a child was almost killed after he went out into a roadway in front of an enormous truck.

The young boy had actually simply leap off a bus with a number of other kids when he sprinted across the street, unconcerned to the huge, red truck coming his way.

The nail-biting video, drawn from a neighboring vehicle’s dash camera, reveals the truck beeping his horn as a caution.

Not able to make it to the other side thanks to the security barrier, the panic-stricken kid is required to keep running.

Thankfully, the quick-thinking truck motorist handles to knock his breaks and grind to a stop simply inches far from striking the young boy.