Canada to allow more than 300,000 immigrants this year

Express News Global

Published: February 12, 2017


Canada: For the first time in many decades, the Government of Canada is on target to welcome over 300,000 new permanent residents to Canada in one single year, consistent with the Liberal Government’s 2016 immigration targets tabled this Tuesday. The new Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to power on a promise to just accept a lot of immigrants than the previous Conservative government, plans to usher in 280,000 to 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016. The target level in 2015 had been 279,200.

The Liberals will increase offered areas within the family program from a maximum number of 68,000 more than the Conservatives last year to 82,000 this year.

Increases within the two schemes are driving the Government’s high target for brand new permanent residents this year to 305,000, to which the Immigration Minister of Canada John McCallum outlines, “It outlines a big shift in immigration policy towards reuniting a lot of families, building our economy and upholding Canada’s humanitarian traditions to settle refugees and provide protection to those in would like”. He added that the plan is grounded in Canada’s tradition of being a welcoming and generous country.

The Conservatives had introduced a new application process for economic immigrants last year referred to as Express Entry, which was speculated to get a lot of skilled work immigrants to Canada country quicker. McCallum same that system is currently under review, as is that the application process system for different immigrations streams. Immigrants might arrive to Canada country through anybody of the 3 classes that come under Family, Economic and Refugee & Humanitarian route.

Each November, the Government is needed to table a document within the House of Commons giving expressing what number of new permanent residents it intends to accept within the coming year. The arrangement for 2016 was delayed by the October federal election.