Beware of Fraudulent Calls, Indian Embassy Warns Peoples


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By United States Indian Embassy|Updated: March 08, 2018

The Indian embassy’s telephone lines have been spoofed by fraudsters to cheat people. The embassy has issued an advisory urging the public to not entertain any suspicious telephone calls made in the name of the Embassy of India.

The Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C., has issued an advisory warning individuals to be careful of suspicious telephone call where the caller appears to be calling from the Indian embassy.

The embassy stated its telephone lines have actually been spoofed by scammers in the United States in order to cheat individuals for money.

” It has actually been given the notification of the embassy that some scammers are spoofing Embassy of India telephone lines to make calls targeted at cheating individuals,” checks out the advisory provided by the embassy. “Some of these calls are revealed as being from the embassy phone number (202-939-7000) while others merely utilize embassy identity.”

These scammers, it stated, “either look for individual details like credit card information and so on or attempt to obtain cash from Indian nationals by inter alia declaring that there are mistakes in their passports, visa forms, and immigration forms,” to name a few, which might be corrected by paying money, and at the very same time alerting that the so called mistakes, “if not corrected, might lead to deportation of the specific to India or their jail time in the United States”

In many cases, describes the embassy, these scammers have likewise wrongly declared that they got such privileged details from the embassy or other authorities in India. Visa applicants, it said, such calls purporting to be from the embassy.

In its advisory, the Indian embassy stated that none of its officials make any phone call looking for individual details from any Foreign or indian nationals. In case any extra documentation is needed from an existing applicant, it is looked for just through e-mail( s) stemming from the e-mail domain: “@mea.”.

The embassy has actually advised the general public to not captivate any suspicious phone conversation made in the name of Embassy of India. It likewise recommended individuals to not expose any individual info or move any money in action to such calls.

Anybody who gets such calls, must bring it to the notification of the embassy at the e-mail id:, it said.

Source: Embassy of India