Be careful! Diseases You Never Knew Your Microwave Was Causing

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Microwave might be among the most typical appliances in kitchens today, however the radiations launched by them diminish the nutrients in the food and also triggers hazardous impacts to our bodies

By: Doctor NDTV| Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Be careful! Diseases You Never Knew Your Microwave Was Causing

Microwave are offered in practically every household


  1. Microwave oven affects food quality
  2. Microwave ovens have a negative impact on our health
  3. Microwave radiations can trigger cancer

Microwave ovens are one of the most typical cooking area appliances that are discovered in every Indian kitchen area. The appliance triggers enormous benefit in regards to cooking and re-heating already cooked food which’s why people from most financial backgrounds have the tendency to install it in their cooking areas. From boiling water and heating milk to cooking junk food items like maggie noodles, popcorn and cakes, microwave resemble a saviour for individuals who keep busy with their jobs or keep away from their families.

Nevertheless, benefit like this comes with a cost. According to a research study performed by Swiss scientist Hans Hertel, cooking food in the microwave diminishes it of its nutritious qualities. The high radiation with which it heats/cooks the food deforms the molecules in food, therefore producing harmful radioactive compounds.

How do microwave work?

Exactly what a benefit it is to just push the ‘start’ button and wait on only a minute to have your food heated from last night!

Now let’s see exactly what really happens when you push that ‘start’ button. Instantly after we push the button, small, energetic waves start moving through the within compartment of your oven. These microwaves release electromagnetic radiation. The waves vibrate rapidly, at about 2,500 megahertz (2.5 ghz) a minute. That’s about the very same frequency as your cellular phone.

What all can microwave ovens cause?

According to numerous researches, microwave ovens can often compromise your immune system and might lead to birth defects. According to the research study carried out by Hans, microwaving food leads to food degeneration.

How To Safely Use Your Microwaves

You can utilize the microwave as there is likewise research supporting safety of microwave use, however you have to understand how to utilize it correctly. Utilizing a microwave can be a healthy, simple way to cook but be sure that it is in a great condition and you must utilize only a microwave-safe container.

Avoid utilizing a microwave to heat/cook for infants or kids.

Stir food completely while you cook/heat in microwave and never microwave longer than the advised time.

Use a microwave to cook veggies instead of heating processed meats and treats.
If at all heated in microwave oven,

Always evaluate the temperature level of the breast milk. Ideally, avoid heating it in the microwave.

Do not get too hot water and other liquids. Prevent using microwave for heating/cooking liquid food or water.