Attention techies, these 15 business are disallowed from getting H-1B visas

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The United States Department of Labor just recently released a list of 15 companies who can not apply for H1-B visas, which are much-sought-after by techies all around the world, including India.

By Express News Desk|Updated: February 10, 2018

In a relocation that will affect techies aiming to operate in the United States, the United States Department of Labor has disqualified 15 companies from requesting the H-1B Visa Program.

The authority has actually released a list of 15 companies who can not apply for H-1B visas efficient from February 1, 2018. The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor said that some of the debarred companies are “willful violator employers”.

The Department of Labor will perform random examinations for a duration of as much as 5 years from the date when the company is decided as willful lawbreaker by the Wage and Hour Division, the website said.

Here’s a take a look at 15 business that have actually been disqualified from obtaining H1-B visas by the United States federal government.

List of companies disqualified from applying for H-1B Visa

List of companies disqualified from applying for H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa program permits companies to hire highly proficient foreign experts to work in the US in locations that require technical proficiency. Indian nationals are a significant recipient of the H-1B program.

However, with Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” relocation, getting H-1B visas has ended up being a hard job for foreign workers and immigrants. The “America First” pledge by the US President has likewise impacted Indian techies who have imagine living in America.

There were reports that the Trump administration was thinking about tightening up H-1B visa guidelines. Nevertheless, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on January 9, 2018, revealed that the US government was ruling out any proposition that would force H-1B visa holders to leave the country.

In the US Congress, a new policy is tabled to protect American workers from discrimination and replacement by foreign labor. The brand-new policy looks for to put limits on the variety of people who get green cards to live and work in the US.