Amidst Calls For CBI To Study J Jayalalithaa’s Death, Talk Of A New Video

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Tamil Nadu | Reported by J Sam Daniel Stalin, Edited by Indroneil B Biswas | Updated: April 21, 2017 19:01 IST

Amidst Calls For CBI To Study J Jayalalithaa's Death, Talk Of A New Video
Amidst Calls For CBI To Study J Jayalalithaa’s Death, Talk Of A New Video


1.Sasikala has video with Jayalalithaa in doctor’s facility, says previous’ nephew

2. She didn’t discharge it to protect Jayalalithaa’s nobility, he guarantees

3. Video sets up they were close appropriate till the end, he affirms

Previous Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was shot while in healing center conversing with her long-term helper, VK Sasikala, who ensured her guide’s pride by declining to share the recording, said a Facebook post which was set up as of late and erased not long after.

The affirmed exposure was made not long ago by one of the numerous nephews of Ms Sasikala who, at various circumstances, have assumed focal or extra parts in the legislative issues of Tamil Nadu in view of their 61 year-old auntie’s vicinity to Ms Jayalalithaa, who passed on in December while in office.

“Indeed, even after been begat as a killer, Amma’s pic was not uncovered by Sasikala as her foes ought not see her clad in a green outfit,” said the post on Facebook.

The brief Facebook assert gives the most recent portion of show to the fight that hosts torn through Ms Jayalalithaa’s gathering after her demise, and endeavors to fortify that her trust in Ms Sasikala stayed in place till she passed on.

The man who regularly remained in for her, O Panneerselvam or OPS, says the CBI must examine Ms Jayalalithaa’s demise and claims that top pioneers of the AIADMK including him were denied access to the government official while she was in healing center by Ms Sasikala. He broke with the gathering after Ms Sasikala endeavored to supplant him as Chief Minister. Her desire was stepped out by a Supreme Court decision sentencing her to four years in prison. Be that as it may, before withdrawing Chennai for jail in February, she picked a follower, E Palaniswami, as Chief Minister. That move was permitted by her significant sponsorship at the time – Team OPS has 12 officials contrasted with around 122 in the Sasikala group.

Ms Sasikala, a previous video tape merchant, who become a close acquaintence with Ms Jayalalithaa in the 80s and after that moved in with her alongside an arrangement of relatives, additionally named a nephew, TTV Dinakaran, as the vice president of the AIADMK. His entrapment in various debasement outrages from that point forward has prompted his disconnection and encouraged a conceivable union between the two warring sides.

Group OPS has said that for a merger, it needs to see the acquiescence letters of Ms Sasikala and Mr Dinakaran. The opposite side-in the past the Sasikala camp and now Team EPS (after Chief Minister E Palaniswami) – initially precluded any pre-essentials to talks however has since extricated its complaint.

Operations’ surge in power depends on the way that inside the gathering and in general supposition ,he is viewed as the legitimate successor to Ms Jayalalithaa. He served twice as Chief Minister when she needed to take a break from office on debasement allegations, and assumed control as leader of the legislature again after her passing, before Ms Sasikala moved to expel him.

The post by Jeyanandh on his Facebook page says: We kept her as a relentless lion until her demise and say goodbye. Be that as it may, OPS, just to collect votes, put her in a pine box and paraded her.”

The post additionally says: “Truth is solid and imagine a scenario in which the recordings of Amma’s and Chinnamma’s discussions surface one day. What should we do to PH Pandian and Manoj K Pandian.”